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I pordered an adjustable bed for my mother, who is in a memory unit in an assisted living place. I ordered the bed, and with it came, pillows and mattress protector. They delivered the bed, without the protector. As I wasn't there, as I am not always there. My mother who is on blood thinners, bled on the mattress before I got there and relized there wasn't a mattress protector. When I called the store, they said I was supposed to take the... Read more

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3 year old Mattress sagging! Our heads are crushed into headboard by morning! After calling; finding out I was not given all info by Salesman (but luckily had everything in order), ripping bed apart, taking pix, and uploading I am being ignored. I have a bad back so purchased the a high end, $3K mattres with a liftetime guarantee!!! But - the mattress Professionals are anything but that - They are doing all possible to not honor THEIR... Read more

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Worst company. I am never ever going to buy from them . Do not believe about warranty that gave you .so so disappointed

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Just had a TERRIBLE experience. My husband and I spent hours in the store choosing a perfect mattress. It was Labor Day and they had good sales. When we finally found the right one, we purchased it and were told that it would take 12 days to have it delivered. We cancelled a family trip we had scheduled for the promised delivery date because our old mattress is really bad for our backs and we are in a hurry to have it replaced. A few days... Read more

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$2800.00 and a year later, bed is really uncomfortable and hot. 21 days isn't nearly long enough for a trial.I get its been a year, but its been a year and a lot of not sleeping thru the night. Should've taken the advise to shop at Costco, they take everything back and go the extra distance. Have to pray for a manufacturers defect now! Any information or help on this would be appreciated. Now I have to struggle to type 100 words, maybe they are... Read more

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These guys have the worst service and they are the biggest *** job and liars in the universe. I will never buy anything from them. I bought an expensive mattress and it is supposed to be under warrantee. It started sagging after few years. I went to the store to check on the warrantee, they pushed me to their customer service. I called and then they send me a kit which i uploaded the photos to marshell mattress. Now they claim it was never... Read more

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I had the worst experience from sleepy mattress and the customer service. I had purchased the most expensive mattress and after two years the mattress started to sag in the middle and they were not willing to exchange it even after I took the warranty on the time of purchase and gave me a hard time. One of the worst companies I have ever experienced, don't ever buy the mattresses from sleepy it is terrible . What an atrocity Read more

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Poor quality of mattresses, warranty department does not consider your claims seriously. They find any excuse not to cover their products under warranty. Think twice Read more

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My wife found a defect in our mattress in that there was a hole in the seam. Didn't think it was worth worrying about but she insisted. Since we paid over $3,000 for a twin which included an additional warranty she thought she was entitled to a perfect mattress. Company said ok when can we replace the mattress? Delivery was today. The replacement mattress turned out to be a USED mattress. There was even a stain on it. Luckily the delivery guys... Read more

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ATTENTION ALL SLEEPY'S CUSTOMERS: This is the clause in the warranty that they are using so as not to honor the warranty: Mattresses or foundations displaying stains or soil that reasonably indicates the presence of potentially dangerous bodily fluids, blood borne pathogens or other substances that could cause injury. They harbor on the words "stains or soil" and selectively choose to ignore the rest. However, mine would qualify as nothing more... Read more

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