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On Wednesday we bought a new mattress at Sleepy’s, model Kingsdown, Body Essential that was truly pushed by the sales person claiming that it was one of the best mattresses, and that Kingsdown was one of the best mattress companies around. Sleepy’s and Kingsdown’s little gimmick of analyzing your back via computer was also very impressive though now in retrospect it is nothing but showmanship to reel people in. The fact that it is an employee owned company as stated by the sales person also appealed to us tremendously.

The mattress was delivered on Thursday night, today is Sunday, and comfortable sleep is yet to be had. The mattress quality varies greatly from the one we tried in the store, I can feel a spring in my back, and my head’s position is lower than the rest of my body’s position giving a feeling of sliding down towards the headboard. One can push the mattress all the way down to the bottom., the mattress feels incredibly hot forcing us to lower the temperature of our central A/C considerably. It does not feel like the mattress we had ordered at all, it seems to be considerably higher also. I have been forced to sleep on the couch to get some sleep since the mattress is giving me great back and neck pain as well as a considerable headache. Pain I didn’t even experience on our old mattress.

Since Friday I have done what I should have done before we bought a new mattress: research. What I found was scary, frustrating, and giving me a feeling of fighting Goliath. Kingsdown mattresses seem to have a history of poor quality, and Sleepy’s is anything but a great example for quality customer service.

Today we went back to the store, and as we had expected nothing but excuses. We went equipped with information collected from various consumer websites, as well as settlement information between Sleepy’s and the NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs in May of 2007 and New Jersey State in 2005. We just wanted to be prepared to deal with Sleepy’s aggressive tactics. The sales person in the store was less than helpful providing all kind of excuses. When checking the law tag on the store mattress we noticed that the information is different from the law tag on our mattress! When we pointed this out to the sales person, she replied that this was just the law tag which didn’t provide any useful information. She went by the Sleepy’s price tag and told us that it was the correct mattress according to Sleepy’s price tag. We demanded a refund even though it isn’t store policy, but given all the negative publicity surrounding Sleepy’s, and its less than honorable business tactics, we just don’t want to deal with them anymore, nor do we trust them after all the information we found out about this company.

The sales person called customer service for us. When we spoke to the customer service rep we gave her the exact same info we had given the sales person. There was quite same silence after I was done speaking stating our case and all the facts I had found out about Sleepy’s, and she transferred me to her supervisor. This guy was something out of “Glenn Gary, Glenn Ross”. He didn’t let me finish my sentences, was condescending, and dared me to contact the BBB and the Dept. of Consumer Affairs, as well as the Small Claims Court after I had told him that we were going this route. He further accused me of lying and switching my story. My husband took over the conversation since at the point my frustration had turned the conversation into a screaming match with this guy. He told my husband that no refund would be issued as per store policy, and provided his phone number so my husband could call him back.

30 minutes after we arrived at our apartment my husband called him back leaving a message. He called back a little time later. This supervisor is a bully supreme and puts Alex Baldwin’s character in aforementioned movie to shame. Again, we described all the problems and that the mattress did not match the quality of the one we had chosen at the store. Further, we explained to him that we don’t want the same mattress model because of all the bad reviews, and its apparent history of shady craftsman ship. He kept telling my husband that we are switching our story, that he will only replace the mattress with the same model. He further went on to say that he was generous enough to take our word for it instead of sending out on inspector which seems to me that they in fact do know about the problem with those mattresses. The only way to get a mattress from a different brand is to pay the exchange fee. I could kick myself for not reading up on Sleepy’s before. I am starting to believe that Sleepy’s has interest invested in Kingsdown, and therefore pushing a product that is expensive, but which quality is way below the cheapest mattresses on the market.

We are highly frustrated, and given all the negative reviews regarding Kingsdown we have collected in only 2 days, we will have to spend another $250 for exchange fees to replace the current mattress with a different and more reputable brand. We really don’t trust Kingsdown, and are afraid that we will keep receiving a poorly manufactured Kingsdown mattress since this has happened to other customers.

However, we are going to send a disclaimer to Sleepy’s via registered mail that the only reason why we opted for a mattress from a different manufacturer is exactly because of reasons stated above. We are considering taking this to small claims court as well as the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs.

It seems that Sleepy pushes the sale of Kingsdown mattresses knowing about its mediocre quality which leads us to assume that Sleepy’s is expecting that consumers will exchange the Kingsdown mattress for a different brand, and dishing out another $200 plus for exchange fees. What a quick and dishonest way to earn money!

Also, originally we had intended to buy two mattresses for our sons next month, I had even looked at some mattresses for them the same day we bought our mattresses, and told the sales person that we would be back in October. However, given the poor customer service we are going to take our business somewhere else, and Sleepy’s is going to lose out on additional money.

I just hope that other consumers who wisely conduct research before making such a major investment will learn from this.

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I bought a


I bought the sleep option memory bed ,its hard as a rock when tested in the store it was like a cloud. I feel like I am sleeping on a piece of wood not happy with the bed :( :( :cry


It is very obvious that the person who went by the name "you are clueless" is either an employee of Sleepys or has a friend or family member who works at sleepys. :roll It is very clear by the way they got all worked up and defensive about all of our stories and complaints.

No regular satisfied customer would be so sensitive and take the comments so personal. So really, your comment and opinion is useless, who knows, maybe sleeps paid you to write a possitive comment about them. Just face it person, sleepys sucks and the sales people there are overbearing and annoying as ***.

I would rather sleep on the floor for the "rest of my life" then to buy a bed from Sleepys! :grin


i bought a kingsdown from sleepys 18 months ago, worst thing ihave ever bought in my life , that *** computer that tells you what bed you need, dumb me i fell for it, after saying i wanted a soft!!!!!!!!!! mattress i got talked into a firm one and have hated this bed, everynight i get into it and cant sleep because get sore from the firmness and then aggravated about thier expensive exchange guarantee, dont ever buy from them, dont even walk in the door, you might not sleep again for a long time if you do


I also should have checked the BBB and reviews, because I didn't I am experiencing much of the same issues as listed above. I suspect the one good comment on this page was written by someone with financial ties to SLEEPY'S.

I have read over 1000 reviews and the only ones that weren't citing horrific problems were on the actual SLEEPY's web pages, and even then there weren't many.They have over 550 complaints to the BBB, and 48 pages of complaints on the consumer affairs web page. If you speak to SLEEPY'S customer relations rep they will tell you that that is nothing and there are some people who will complain for no reason.

I wish there was a way that I could get in touch with people who have had the same problem, I would really love to get the word out to people before they buy and end up losing money and precious time trying to get compensated for defective product. I would like to show a pattern of unfair consumer practices to the Office of the Attorney General.


Beware of any positive reviews of Sleepy's, they hire people to write them!

Stay away, please stay away if you do not want strife in your life.


I learned after the fact that I am not alone in this world. Other's have fallen into the Sleepy's immoral trap before me.

I was sold a bed advertised as "Firm" only to have it practically melt into butter in just 2 days. I am justifiably upset. In the store I was not verbally informed about the so-called Comfort Exchange policy where I would have to pay a fee of about $250 to replace my mattress. Customer service at the corporate level was useless, and at the store level all my salesman could say was "I'm sorry".

It has been a long time since I have been burned for several hundred dollars, and it really stinks.

People, listen to the folks complaining here,...and never buy anything from Sleepy's. Just walk away, away from their store.


Hidden cost like you MUST pay for delivery an additional $90. Just another way of showing a little lower cost and then adding on another $100 bucks.

Then they try to sell you everything in the store from Pillows to Matress covers. The sales crew makes used car sales people look like pillars of the church!


Sleepys will have MANY different prices , all for the same exact mattress. Their sales professionals can put many politicians to shame, as their lies are just that, and with that in mind, we bought at Sam's Club.

I have been posting and notifying as many people as I can, as an educated comer is a smart consumer. I would avoid Sleepy's, at all costs

The Plains, Virginia, United States #10758

You stated it correctly, you should have done your research before you bought a mattress.

They send inspectors out to confirm a problem with a mattress. It is not a telltale of them knowing there is a problem. It's a way for them to separate truth from scammers.

As for Kingsdown, I sleep on one. Have for 6 years. They are the sole provider of mattresses for Ethan Allen. I highly doubt Sleepys is pushing their mattresses in hopes of collecting exchange fees. I doubt they want that used mattress back. You should reread yourself and see how ridiculous you come across.

As with any major retail purchase, be an educated consumer. You will save yourself money in the long run.

Newark, Texas, United States #9892

Did you know that Sleepy's will drop BELOW their cost just to make sure they get the sale over their competition? It's true!

They would rather make nothing off the sale rather than let the competition get it.

They will tell you anything to get the sale and then turn their backs once there is a problem. Do NOT do business with this company!!!

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