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Approximately 18 months ago, we were in the market for a new mattress and stopped in at our local Sleepy's store. We purchased a king-size Dr. Breus mattress along with the frame, headboard and mattress cover.

The first few weeks were heaven, then I noticed when I sat on the edge of the bed, it sank way too much. A few months later we both agreed that there was a problem. We visited the Sleepy's store again about it and found out we needed an inspection. The staff was very pleasant about it and we made the inspection appointment.

The inspection appointment was made and the inspector arrived on time. He said there was definitely "something going on here" when he looked at the mattress, but he did not feel it at all, just took pictures. He didn't lay down on it. Honestly, I can totally understand that considering bed bugs and all, but I'd have been happy to open a new plastic dropcloth and put it over the bed if it meant him getting a real experience with the problem. He could see something going on, but the mattress has a pillowtop and that hides the hump in the middle of the bed and you have to lay on it to see how it sinks so much that all night you're feeling like you're going to roll right off the side of the bed. Still, we had hopes that we could get it exchanged as defective based on the conversation.

A few weeks later we hear back from Sleepy's that there's nothing that they can do. GRRR.

It's now a year later and I would rather sleep on the floor than on this mattress. I find myself going off to sleep on the 25 year old mattress in my daughter's room as she's away at school because that's more comfortable! Looking around on the web I can see that other people have had the same experience we are having. I am hoping that some day someone launches a class action suit and these horrible mattresses will be recalled. Heck, my daughter takes the bar exam in a few months... this might be her first case if I don't start getting uninterrupted sleep soon.

Monetary Loss: $1826.

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I too am one pissed consumer. Spent 2k for this mattress that is beautiful in the beginning but within a year its absolute crap!

DO NOT BUY. I m in the process of contacting Cardi s. . ..

I m not sure what they re going to do yet. I hope a class action suit is started.

I ll be more than happy to be part of it. Dr Breus, your ideas might be great, but the manufacturing of this is deceitful at best and no doubt, it s known that this product is an epic fail and ripping off consumers.


Simply the worst mattress we have ever had. Their advertisements do not talk about warranties, only low price....in this case, you get (less) than what you paid forThe ridge in the middle will not go away. My wife is getting back aches from it...and it is less than 3 years old (I think)The company is unresponsive to complaints & inquiries (mine..& from what I have read...everyone else's).


You’re crazy. Our Dr.

Breus bed is literally the most comfortable bed we’ve ever slept on.

Anywhere. Hands down.


I purchased my Dr. Breus mattress in 2012.

The furniture store is owned by a family that is a long time friend of our family. It was about $1700 for a queen set. I love my mattress. It is still like new going on six years.

I rotate it every month. The only complaint is that it has a small tear on the bottom where I grab it to begin rotating. My fingers went through the cloth.

I had probably grabbed it this way in that exact spot over fifty times before it final said "enough." My experience has been overwhelmingly positive, but it may be worth noting that our friend's store no longer carries the Dr. Breus brand.


Went mattress shopping at Sleepy's, initially looking for a Tempur-pedic, but let myself get steered to the Dr. Breuss (king size), which I ultimately bought.

Felt great in the store and great at home--for a few months. Then we gradually found ourselves sleeping uncomfortably in two sagging valleys with a huge hump down the middle of the bed. We are not big people, this mattress is just a very expensive piece of junk.

I will never purchase ANYTHING from Sleepy's again.


We have had our queen size for 5 years now. It's horrible!

Lumps everywhere. It's very uncomfortable.

A mattress of this "quality" should last at least 10 or more years. So disappointed!!

to Anonymous Tampa, Florida, United States #1348700

We purchased ours in 2012 and have experienced the very same for around 2 years and recently it seems to get worse each week. Grrrr!

Who do we file a claim with?


My wife and I have had our Dr. Breus bed now for 2 yrs.

(wish I had read this before spending $3k) I have a spinal condition and need a well supported bed. We have gone through the warranty/mattress inspection company Mattress Marshals (which you can never get in touch with) sent pictures and measurements 3 times because they couldn't find.

Now 4 months later and no resolutions. I NEED A Mattress I can sleep on!



I bought 2 set over 4000.00 there junk




The collective comments here all point to a MAJOR issue with this bed. It is poorly constructed mattress, plain and simple.

I went through the measurement kit excercise a couple of months ago. Never heard anything. I think we have enough ammunition for a class action suit against either sleepys or the manufacturer.

I hate to think they can just get away with selling such a poorly made product at such an exorbitant price. If anyone is a lawyer out there, can we somehow get this going?


We've been using the bed now for a little over three years. Purchased at Sleepy's, it was SOOOO comfortable when we "test drove" it at the store.

We drank the Dr. Breuss cool-aid and coughed up over $3,000 for a king set. Now, big indents where we sleep. I called up Sleepy's customer care, they are sending us a kit which will measure whether or not the indents are big enough to warrant a store credit (we take pictures with a smart phone and send them to the warranty department)..

The indents are over 1 1/2 inches, I am certain, so we should get the store credit.

Sleepy's certainly is aware of this defect, I would hope this would be an open and shut case. If not, we will call BBB.

to Anonymous #1040341

I went through the claim process with the measuring kit, which was a PIA. You had to take pictures of everything, which meant breaking ALL components of the bed down - mattress, box spring, etc.

Sleepy's originally was going to deny the claim, as they deemed the bed frame (of our custom made, all hardwood bed) insufficient (evidently, three solid slats with a vertical center support isn't enough).

Even though the box spring had zero indentations, and was just as it was when purchased. After some back and forth with a supervisor, we were issued a store credit for the purchase amount of the original mattress.

to Anonymous #1042330

Update: Contrary to what I thought, this issue hasn't been resolved yet, I'm being asked to jump through more hoops. Even though I was prepared to cough up over a thousand bucks (after the credit) for the new mattress. Thanks Sleepy's customer care!


Similiar findings with queen size. Terrible dip on both side of the bed.

Fells like you are climbing out of a hole when you try to get out of bed. Looking for replacement.


I bought one when my husband passed away did not even have it one year and the pillow top started to bunch up now it has rolls in the mattress and you feel like you roll off thE bed now I stay so tired every day they ripped off a senior citizen and a widow now I do not have enough money to buy another one and it was the most money I ever spent on a bed I am very disgusted and so tired anyone have ant suggestions Call8652821635

Boonton Township, New Jersey, United States #1012382

we have the same issue. The lump in the middle makes us both roll towards the edges.

We hate it.

There is something wrong. I fear we are stuck with it and will never buy from sleeps again.


What's the status on this now? I'd love to get into a suit against this company.

This is the worst mattress we have ever slept on and it was super expensive.

New York, New York, United States #938363

I have had a dr braus bed for three years now, and I have same problem, where I sleep has sagged in.

I called sleepys up and said they would send me a kit with a string and measuring tape and to take pictures and mail it in, what a joke

So mad that they do not stand by their products

to Kris #1032705

I have "the kit" in hand now. Honestly, it's a colossal pain in the a$$.

Strip the bed, take pictures of the affected area with the string and measuring thingee. Take pictures of the mattress overall. Take pictures of the mattress tag. Take pictures of mattress description/logo.

Take pictures of box spring and tag, requiring us to *** the entire king mattress. *** box spring to show picture of foundation. Put the whole mess back together. Make bed up.

Send pictures in to the warranty center. Thanks, Sleepys, for selling us a $3,300+ king mattress that has failed within three years, and making us jump through hoops to get a store credit!

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