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I purchased a Sealy mattress in 2009 for over $1300, about two years into owning the mattress it began to sag on one side. Throughout my pregnancy this led to unrelenting back pain one on side which continues today. My husband has been also experiencing severe neck pain and has been seeing an orthopedic. I called the sleepys store where the mattress was purchased and they informed me to contact the Sealy regarding warrantee. Upon contacting Sealy they explained the warrantee was actually through Sleepys and to go through them first. I contacted Sleepys 800 number and after numerous calls to get an inspector out and difficulties arranging a time; my mattress was finally inspected and was told I would hear from sleepys in 48 hours. Roughly 3 weeks later I still hadn't heard from Sleepys and has to call customer service was told that they are issuing a credit for a little over $700, I received no letter, no explanation from sleepys, no apologies for the hassle or defective mattress. I go to a sleepys store and obviously realize you can't get a mattress for the credit price. I do not want the same defective mattress and even that would cost me delivery... Why should I pay delivery to have a replacement mattress brought to me and defective mattress removed when this is no fault of mine? Additionally I was informed that if I chose another brand as I wish to do they could not sell me only a mattress but then I would have to buy a new box spring; this blew my mind... I would not be allowed to buy a matters without purchasing a box spring!!! Then I asked about a clearance set or floor model of a different brand and was informed I could not do that either!!! To me this does not sound like a warranty, rather a scam to to make me spend more money at your store that originally sold me something defective. I should be able to return the entire set and get my money back. The level of incompetence , unprofessionalism, and discomfort myself and my husband have been subjected is astonishing. I feel like I have been duped by your so called warranty and claim of customer satisfaction and have been ultimately ripped off !!

I will never recommend this company to anyone I know or come in contact with

Review about: Sleepys Box Spring.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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