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This is the first review I've ever written about a store, but I feel totally compelled to warn other consumers about the false advertising that will adversely affect your credit. I'm fortunate to have a relatively high monthly income, but my credit is very poor as the result of a recent divorce and the effects of the recession. As a result, I can't get traditional financing. However, my recent college grad needs a mattress, so I went to Sleepy's in Manchester because of the big red sign in their window which read "No Credit Needed - 90 Day Payment Plan" (with no fine print or disclaimer).

I told the salesman (the manager) upfront that my credit was poor, so I'd be taking advantage of their financing. My son picked out a very reasonably-priced mattress, then I sat down to arrange the financing. This involved giving him quite a bit of personal information such as social security number, bank account number, 2 references, monthly income, and blood type (just kidding...but it felt like it). I complied because I assumed it would be a direct debit arrangement from my checking account.

So, imagine my shock and anger when he said "Denied." How could I be denied when there was no credit required? I won't go into details of the conversation other than to say that 1) he passed the buck onto" Progressive" (their financing partner), saying it was their decision, 2) he claimed that he didn't run my credit (which, of course, is false and adversely affects my already poor credit score), 3) he claimed my information would be erased, 4) at no time did he say that financing could be withheld, 5) an apology was never given, 6) I did not swear or become threatening, 7) the customer service rep on the phone parroted what the manager said and was very defensive, and 8) he denied that their sign was false advertising.

I left the store saying that trying to pass the buck onto their financing partner, rather than standing behind their stated advertisement, was bad business practice and that angering intelligent customers was going to hurt them. I promised that I'd be contacting the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Agency as well as sharing my story on social media. So, I'm making good on my promise!

My recommendation is to avoid the Sleepy's Company altogether, not only for their false advertising (that hurts already-struggling consumers and young people with little or no credit) but also for their over-inflated prices, poor customer service, and $99 delivery fee. Please share this review with anyone you know in the market to buy a mattress. Thank you!

Review about: Sleepys Delivery Service.

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No credit needed does not mean there are no requirements at all. You must have an active checking account with no NSF in the last 30 days, an income of at least $1000 per month etc.

We now have people at Progressive who can help us turn your denied status into approved. Don't hesitate to contact one of us and have us look into it for you.

I am sorry your experience left such a bad taste in your mouth.

As a Mattress Professional, I always strive to give each customer an enjoyable experience. Mattress shopping is not inherently fun. No one looks forward to it. But I hope they find it to be more enjoyable than expected.

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