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Was told I was buying an "ultra plush mattress set". I made the mistake of staying out of the way of the delivery guys.

They took my old set and delivered new set into the bedroom. I thought it odd they couldn't get out of my home fast enough while I am offering them a cold drink and trying too make small talk. After watching the delivery guys literally run from my home, I go into the room to view my purchase, I see a piece of unmarked foam that looks like it belongs in a prison cell floor! I immediately call customer service, and get Chrystal on the phone, I am hysterical explaining I am handicapped, I now have no real place too sleep and need immediate help.

Well, I got about as much compassion out of Chrystal as her finding out they discontinued her favorite donut. She then asks me to read the # off the tag on the mattress - 5 separate times! She then says, oh ya, the mattress you ordered is on backorder til the 10th. I said oh, so you thought you were gonna pass this piece of foam *** off too me (while still pleading with her that I am handicap, now have no where to sleep and she needs to make this right).

Chrystal puts me on hold for 5 minutes and when she comes back explains this piece of *** I now have is the correct Sealy extra plush mattress I purchased. I questioned why did she tell me it wasn't?? Feeling completely lied too and played a fool, I requested a manager. I was put on hold another 10 minutes to get Hester the so called manager on the phone.

Hester basically said too bad and if I wanted too pay $125 exchange fee, another $89 delivery fee and whatever price difference of upgrade I was welcome too do that. I asked her, so you basically want me too pay for 2 of these pieces of *** I have? I ended up going to Macys, paying $300 for a gel mattress topper and now can sleep on the junk I purchased. Please, anyone reading this, do not buy from this store - they have a no return policy and there product is pure ***!

There Customer Service people are uneducated people who are not willing to work with you or help you in any way.

I have sure learned my lesson.

Review about: Sleepys Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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cathy sable
Hawthorne, New Jersey, United States #676605

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for bringing the matter to our attention. We apologize for any inconvenience and would like to turn your experience from negative to positive.

Please email me at csable@mattress.com with your customer code and/or invoice # along with the best contact # for you. We look forward to speaking with you.

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