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I had my mattress for over 20 years. Nothing was wrong with it but I thought it was old and should get a new one.

I purchased a beauty rest I started noticing a bunching where I sleep. Thought it was the sheet or mattress protection. It kept getting worse so I took off the sheet and protection cover it look terrible like a sagging hole. I had to wait for a mattress inspector who took pictures and measurements.

Then had to wait for a letter to get permission to return it. I then went back to get another. They convinced me I only could replace it with the same one unless I spent more money. Mind you it was not a cheap mattress to begin with.

So against my better judgement I said ok. Then I was told I had to pay 100 dollars for the delivery. I said no its not my fault it was defective. I was not paying it so I got it for no fee.

I wait again for delivery. Meanwhile I was sleeping in a hole. Some nights I slept on the couch. It comes and it starts sagging immediately.

I was shocked and pissed. I had to do it all over again the waiting for the inspection the letter. I go in and I'm calm but upset. I'm even curtious to other customers I talk the salesman to the back of the store and voice my complaints.

So now the show me a Carolina mattress pillow top but its 400 dollars more. We haggle and they agree to 300. So I wait for delivery again (3rd time). Just one night on this one and I was in a hole again.

I moved over to avoid the hole and actually rolled back in it !!! I am now so mad I could scream. I took pictures and brought it in to the store. Still maintaining my cool.

I was proud of myself for controlling my temper. I again had to wait for the inspection and the letter. I slept on the couch this time cause the hole was worse on this one. Which I had just paid an additional 300.

I called the mgr who was nice to me and said he probably wouldn't of been so patient. I made an appt to go in and meet someone who would help me. I was shown a few but honestly I'm afraid to get another one. I didn't like what I was shown and was shocked when I was shown the first 2 I had purchased before.

I picked out something totally different in construction then was told it was a lot more money.....I said what I have went through and how calm I've been that's the least you can do. He had to call the mgr who said give it to her. I was pleased. It came a few weeks ago and so far it's fine but I'm nervous I will feel better with each month that passes.

I am finally happy but I will not go through this again at sleepy's. I just think they sell a lot of defective mattress based on my experience.

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We truly apologize for the experience you are having with your warranty claim. Please email us at csable@mattress.com and include your telephone number and invoice number. We will be assigning your case to a specialist who will work diligently to find a resolution.

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