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Sleepy's is very misleading when you purchase their mattress sets. Their products do not last and they do not uphold their warranty agreements.

I obtained 3 sets for my adult children for Christmas last year. When we encountered a problem they refused to warranty them out. Stating there are stipulations. What stipulations?

These were not mentioned when I purchased the warranty. The problem originally started over a year ago and they came out and said the defect wasn't bad enough wait and call us back now they say that the mattress sags 2 inches and the box spring is cracked but due to a stain on the nattress the waranty is null and void. I attempted to speak with the supervisors and they were no help either. Give me a break the damage was present from the begining.

I should pay for new mattresses from your company.

I don't think so. There are too many competitors out there.

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1st,Your salesperson should have given you the brochure, & had you sign a receipt which explains the warranty.

2nd, Unfortunately, you will have the same stipulations no matter where you buy your mattress. The various manufacturers are the ones who imposed those stipulations & that is the same with all of them.

3rd, Mattresses these days are made like ***. Due to the rising cost of materials, & the smaller general budgets of customers, they are all cutting corners. Most people believe a queen should only cost $200-300 when it's more like the average is $1500. You would not believe the number of people who say "I need the cheapest thing possible, it's just for my kid". Or how surprised people are when that $200 advertised bed is a piece of foam. The whole one sided mattress movement is so you have to replace your mattress around the time the warranty runs out. The so called "box springs" are not box springs. They are torsion bar foundations that provide no overall support for the coils in the mattress. Coils in the box spring costs too much to manufacture & customers don't want to spend for the quality difference.

Blame the manufacturers, not the place where you bought your mattress. unfortunately every place you buy a mattress from will requires a 2inch visible sag, a center support with a foot to the floor for a queen (soon to be full) & King sizes, rips, tares, stains, etc automatically void all warranties, & your new set will not last as long as your old one.


We sincerely regret that your experience with Sleepy's has not met the standard of quality service and support that we aspire to provide our customers. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your concern, and intend to reach a resolution that will be satisfactory to you.

Please reach out to me at and include your invoice number and/or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you. Thank you.

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