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My family and I went to your showroom store located on 219-19 Northern Blvd, Bayside, NY around 4pm on Jan. 3, 2016. We were looking to purchase a full size mattress for my 3 yrs old daughter. We narrowed our choice down to a Sealy Firm mattress with the help of your employee, Joe. He told us the price for that particular mattress was $260 for the mattress alone. We were at PC Richard earlier and saw a similar mattress, Sealy Satin Firm mattress that was priced at $190. Joe informed us that although the mattress is similar, they are not the same. Initially, he was not able to tell us the difference and at the end of the discussion, agreed and offered to match the price and give us additional 20% off per Sleepy’s price guarantee.

Joe tells me the price of the mattress would be $171 with the 20% discount. I informed him that was incorrect. He then tells me that its $162. I told him that was also incorrect as he told me that he first discounted the mattress by 10% instead of 20%. I let him know that 20% off $190 is $152. Why would he discount the mattress by 10% or even 15% ($162) when he told me I would be receiving a 20% discount?

Joe goes through the system of trying to figure out what happened. While on the phone explaining to whomever that is helping him, Joe states that a client is asking for 20% off a mattress that is not the same, even though Joe himself did not know what the difference was. I explained to Joe that he cannot say that the mattresses are not the same just because the name of the mattress is not the same. Joe then tells whoever he is on the phone with that the client (me) is being confrontational with him and whether he should tell the client to just go back to PC Richard instead. The conclusion as explained by Joe seems that the system would not allow him to discount the mattress by 20%. I found the reason to be strange if not convenient. I asked Joe to find out what the difference between Sleepy’s Sealy Firm and PC Richard’s Sealy Satin Firm as he not would no longer offer me the price match plus 20% off anymore as he initially agreed and stated. After another call, Joe said that the top of the mattress is made a little differently. Joe offered to match and discount the price by 10%. I declined the offered.

Here are the reasons why I declined the offered.

1. Joe does not seem well verse in your products to provide an adequate response as to why the mattresses were not the same in the first place.

2. While Joe initially agreed to match and discount the price by 20%. He gives me a price of 10% off then 15% instead of the 20% that he said he offered. Both times that he offered the price of 10% and 15%, he tells me that he has discounted the price by 20%. This leads me to believe that he is really bad at math and therefore should not be working for your firm or he was playing a numbers game with me, thinking I would not catch him with the error, which means he is deceptive and purposely trying to mislead me.

3. At one point, Joe told whomever he was speaking to on the phone that I was confrontational. I would like to know how he came to conclude that. I am sure you have surveillance footage of your showroom that would prove that was not the case, please review and let me know how I acted to trigger such a comment from him.

4. While Joe was on the phone, he spoke about me as if I was not there. He discussed out loud in front of me, whether he should tell the client (me) to go back to a competitor’s store (PC Richard) instead. I am not sure how you train your employees but I definitely would not train my employees to treat a customer that way. Joe’s customer service definitely needs improvement.

I saw on your website that the 20% refers to “the same or comparable mattress at a lower price.” The only difference Joe mentioned to me between your Sealy Firm and PC Richard’s Sealy Satin Firm is that the top of the mattress is made a slightly different. I believe an average person would interpret that as a comparable mattress. Sleepy’s price guarantee states that “Only Sleepy’s beats anyone’s price by 20% or it’s free.”

As Joe, an employee of Sleepy’s was not able to offer to match and beat PC Richard’s mattress that is “comparable,” by 20% as stated by your price guarantee ad, it would lead one to believe that your ad is therefore deceptive, false and misleading.

I am truly appalled by what happened as I have purchased my previous mattress from your firm. I look forward to hearing your response.

This person wrote the review because of "pricing issue and poor customer service" of sealy mattress from Sleepys. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Sleepys to "sleepy's should stop promoting their 20% ad, the ad is not only deceptive and false, it is misleading. i should be given the mattress for free per their ad".

The most disappointing in user's experience was sales person was a liar, he lacks education in simple math, he was rude and customer service and relation reps have no communicate skills. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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