My wife and I were in the market for a new mattress so, of course, I went to Sleepy's - a well advertised store in the NYC area - to do an exploratory viewing of mattresses. The salesperson persistently asked if I wanted to see if I qualify for their credit whereupon I would receive 12 months of no interest financing through GE.

I shouldn't have said, "Yes", but I did. I signed two forms (and I asked TWICE what I was signing) which the salesperson said were to "authorize the credit" (check). As per my original plans, I leave Sleepy's without a mattress. Additionally, I told the salesperson three times that I was not purchasing a mattress today, rather seeing what was out there, testing mattresses and checking prices.

Fast forward two days and I wake up to a phone call informing me my mattress will be an hour late today!! ??

A quick phone call to tell them I ordered no mattress turns into numerous hours of phone calls, record keeping and emails to make sure my credit is not hurt because some yahoo at Sleepy's sent the order through under my credit - without my authorization. Even when dealing with Sleepy's employees trying to cancel everything, they continued to state that I should buy the mattress because it's "a good deal." They lost a customer for life and you better believe I will tell this story anytime I hear of someone who is in the market for a mattress.

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Thank you for your review. I just left the store and before I left the salesman kept asking me to give him information so he could do a credit check to see if we could be financed.

I told him no several times and said that I wanted to think about whether I really wanted to buy the beds or not. Thank God I found these reviews and called the store to say I was not making the purchase.

He asked why and I told him there were so many bad reviews for Sleepys that I didn't want to take the chance. Thank you for taking the time to write these.


I ordered a headboard/footboard from Sleepy's online on Black Friday. Seemed like a good deal with the sale and the coupon.

Waited a month for the arrival of the bed. The delivery people phoned to say they were on their way, and I was happy. That was the end of my happiness. The man brought a large box upstairs and started pulling my bed apart.

Laura Ashley quilt thrown, tried to pull the connections off the wrong end of my Sleep Number bed. I asked him to stop. He put the mattress against the wall and chipped the new paint. Again I asked him to stop.

I kept asking why he was doing all of this to put a headboard and footboard on. He told me he had a new bed frame for me, and I explained that I didn't order this. Then I went downstairs and saw that Man #2 was unpacking the headboard and footboard which were a bronze color when I ordered black. They left and said someone would call me.

Someone called me. And then another someone. And a third someone. And they all said that the bed only comes in bronze when I was looking at their website which clearly states "black finish".

No one apologized. No one put my bed back together (I am recovering from a broken arm). I finally did get a receipt for a refund. And those three people who called me?

Each one wanted to sell me another bed. Beware Sleepy's.

I should have known better as a neighbor recently ordered a new mattress which came to her with bloodstains on it. BEWARE.


So glad I read these reviews. I feel like I avoided an expensive major pain in the ***. Thanks everyone for taking the time to write a review.


Sleepys should be called sleezys. I purchased a mattress in Feb.

They charge you to bring it to their store from their warehouse.I had to pick it up myself with only my wife to help me load it in my pickup. I'm 65 by the way. I purchased another flood model mattress the same day that according to the manufacture was to come with a first night kit. It didn't I was told to bad.

Oh yea they read you all the disclaimers on the sale receipt twice to make you know that are not taking anything back and floor models have any warranty. NO WAY TO TREAT CUSTOMERS.


Thank you for sharing your concerns. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Please reach out to me at csable@mattress.com and include your invoice number and/or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you. We look forward to working with you and resolving your issue.

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