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My wife and I have spent a great deal of money @ our local sleepy’s in the past few years. One of the mattresses that was sold to us on the promise of its quality was a Dr. Breus bed. The whole sales pitched revolved around it having a 20 year warranty!! We slept in it for approx. 2 years as it slowly became unusable. It has since sat in a spare bedroom…

The bed became forming what can only be described as a gully in the middle. It got to the point where my wife and I had to try and sleep on the very outer edges of the mattress and would literally end up rolling in to the middle during the night, not to mention the extreme back and neck pain. We paid roughly $2300.00 for this mattress.

Recently it was brought to my attention to file a warranty claim which I did. To my shock I just got a call today saying that the mattress met your guidelines and was NOT warranty eligible. This is completely unacceptable and your warranty examination procedure is a complete sham.

Two techs came out and laid a string across the center of the mattress to measure the indentation. Under what school of thought, using any intelligence, would this possible provide any accurate information as to whether the springs in the center are faulty? The springs are located under the pillow top, so measuring above the pillow top, without applying weight/pressure, isnt going to provide any accurate measurement.

Our mattress has sagged so much it has made the pillow top stretch so far that if you are not sleeping on it, it creates a puff of loose, stretched up, pillow top in the middle. The techs clearly noted this in the pictures and even commented on it. Without providing any weight/pressure to the center, of course no measurable indentation is going to show, with the string across the bed method your techs employ.

The bed is completely unusable, its not even close. We’ve had multiple friends and family try it out to see and all agree. It would be an absolute miracle if any mattress failed the warranty inspection given the method you employ. Its set up so Sleepy’s never has to honor a single warranty claim, and they should be ashamed for handling business in that manner.

My wife and I are in our mid-thirties, both successful professionals. We bought this Dr. Breus and a high end Tempurpedic Cloud in the past few years. We will be buying multiple more mattresses in our lifetime and unless this is handled correctly and in an honest manner I can assure you Sleepy’s will not be seeing any more of business, in the many years to come. I hope that our continued business, stream of revenue for years to come, and doing the right thing is worth more to your company than being cheap and cutting corners in the short term.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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