this review is not about the product i purchased (namely an $8800 tempurpedic cloud luxe ergo adjustable kingsize mattress set) but about the idiots that delivered it.

you would think that after paying that kind of money for a mattress set, that the team would a)arrive with the proper and necessary tools b) NOT DAMAGE YOUR BEDROOM FURNITURE WHILE ASSEMBLING YOUR PRODUCT and c) know how to assemble your product. Guess that was asking too much!

my product arrived last night around 8pm and after borrowing our screwdrivers ( guess they lost theirs!) the delivery team attempted to lift the mattress base which landed smack on top of my bed's cherry and mahogany wooden footboard.

i cringed when i heard the noise it made after it landed and was concerned. after i got the chance to inspect the damaged area, i was told by delivery boy #1 that he's not sure they damaged my footboard. i pointed out that it was the only spot that was damaged and it was also the exact spot where they landed the mattress base, which they had told us was "very heavy". While this is going on, delivery boy #2 was attempting to find the splintered pieces somewhere under my bed or on the carpeting.

The thing that annoyed me most was that this guy was trying to convince me that they did no damage to my bed. So while i'm on the phone trying to get in touch with customer service (which i have since learned is impossible after 7pm EST), they are on the phone with their people trying to put my bed together and program the remote. Apparently these guys were new or just ***.

Either way, it is now 19 hours later, and i am still waiting for Sleepy's to contact me (i was told within 24 hours someone would) but we will see about that. NEVER AGAIN WILL I SHOP AT SLEEPYS AND I WILL MAKE SURE EVERYONE I KNOW HEARS MY STORY.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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