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I had purchased a mattress set for my parents and had paid for a delivery fee and old mattress removal fee. However, Sleepy's had sent two thieves into my place to set up my new mattress. My parents had hid two envelopes of cash in between their old mattress and box spring without me knowing. As the two delivery guys were hauling it away, they also pocketed both envelopes without me knowing as I was a few feet away holding the door open to make their jobs easier. It wasn't until my dad came home and started to freak out about the two envelopes that I called Sleepy's delivery department and spoke to a rep who then called the drivers to ask them if they had seen it (which of course they denied), she then told me the drivers didn't see anything and told me there's nothing else she could do for me but I could file a police report and go from there. I than told her, I was hoping they would be honest since I was generous enough to tip them $20 and she simply was just silent without any sympathy. I then went onto their website and chatted with a rep name Chuncy who was more helpful than the first rep, he said he would pass my information along to the investigation department and gave me a direct number to call, but someone would be in touch with me shortly. I waited for about a half an hour and didn't hear anything so I decided to call the direct number and spoke to another nice rep. She listened to my issue and read through the notes on my account and said it has been reported to LP and it's a separate department but she will email them again and have them call me to update me. Needless to say I never got a phone call back.

I'm truly upset with what has happened and how Sleepy's has handle the situation. (1) I paid for a service (delivery of my new mattress and removal of my old mattress), therefore I don't expect a huge company such as Sleepy's to have such untrustworthy employees representing their brand. (2) For me it was an urgent matter because the stolen item was cash and it cannot be traced, so for them not to investigate it with a sense of urgency makes me even more furious because I literally reported it an hour after they left. Now their employees have gone home and I probably will never get the hard earn cash back for my 67 years-old Father. (3) And for the initial rep to just call the driver and ask them if they saw anything or did anything out of the ordinary is just beyond me considering I told her it was cash that was missing. She might as well have sent them fireworks saying hide the money or you'll be busted.

I am currently left in limbo with no answers from Sleepy's. I must say I was thrilled with my sales rep and was looking forward to continuing working with her on my future purchases, however - after this incident with their untrustworthy delivery personnel I will no longer be purchasing anything from Sleepy's. Especially if they don't screen their employees to filter out workers like the drivers of truck number 7AR7 who delivered on March 26th, 2014 from warehouse 970 who stole from my family.

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cathy sable
Columbia, Kentucky, United States #799320

Dear Jen,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As relayed prior your invoice has been located and assigned.

Please allow a brief detailed review by our specialist. We will follow up with you within 24 hours to discuss.

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