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"Just keep the cover pad on the mattress and Sleepy's will guarantee you a replacement if anything goes wrong within its 10 year warranty."


Sleepy's will sell you a "lifetime warranty" on their mattress and say that they will guarantee you a replacement if anything goes wrong with the mattress in 10 years or less. This is FALSE ADVERTISING!! What they are selling you is a scam. They will make you take a self inspection of your mattress using a string and cardboard cutout that has a ruler measurement. My bed (The 800 Series) at $3600 with foundation has a 3/4" sag only 6 years after purchase. Sleepy's tells me that the mattress must have a 1" sag in the mattress to be eligible for the replacement.. NOT what your sleazy sales people are telling customers! My mattress has no stains etc, and has had the mattress pad on it from day one. It has a 3/4" SAG and my back is now hurting bad because of it! So, where is my replacement Sleepy's? Oh yeah, I'm not getting one without a 1" total back breaker sag... NOT what you advertise under sales in store!!! Your sales person says the mattress will be replaced with no Q's as long as the pad is on and no stains are present.

DONT BUY FROM SLEEPYS!! GO ANYWHERE ELSE!! Put these scumbags out of business before you too are scammed into paying high prices for bad quality. Your mattress is NOT going to last you long and you WILL NOT be getting any replacement from Sleepy's. They are selling you ***. Never again will I buy anything from this place.

This person wrote the review because of warranty issue of sleepys mattress from Sleepys. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $3600 and wants Sleepys to "simply give me what you sold me! a new mattress at the cost of my original purchase!".

The most disappointing in user's experience was not informing your customers of warranty issues. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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We purchased a queen foundation (reputable brand) and before having it three was sagging and the mattress marshalls sent out by Sleepys Warehouse found the mattress as well as the split foundation to be defective. iSleepys does NOT refund your mobey...they offered to give us a credit toward another set and of course...we put another 1700.00 with the credit...bringing purchase to 2600.00

Well....needless to say we have had the sey approx 3 yrs and is sagging where we lay and also making a popping noise when we get into the bed. I would NEVER encourage anyone to purchase from Sleepys.


After reading all these reviews I'm astounded as to how they're in business! They teach their sales team to just LIE and make the sale and then they'd take care of the headaches.

The store we bought our bed from would not answer any of our calls, although the fat heifer was on the phone most of the time we were there.


I ended up taking the partial credit since I found a mattress that was very close to the credit cost. I now have a new mattress with 10yr warranty.

It is a shame that it took my online posting in order to get what was initially suppose to come to me under warranty. Hopefully I will not need to place another post in the future.


I too had a similar problem. Same thing.

We will give you a partial credit. Sucks.

to Anonymous #1071212

Will be responding to emurphy below when back from vacation. "Partial credit" is NOT what I'm looking for! Will see outcome.

Sleepys Verified Representative

Hi, we're sorry to hear about your mattress and would love a chance to chat and help resolve this issue. Please email us at with your order #, contact info and reference case #01573470. Once we get your email, we will send your case down to the customer care management team and a specialist will reach out to you in regards to this case.

to emurphy #1072237

My information has been sent. Due to holiday deals out now, there is not much time for social to contact me but they have my order info.

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