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As a long time customer of Sleepy's, I am appalled by the treatment I received from their customer service. I have never experienced such horrible customer service by a company before. Last year, after suffering from severe back spasms, I decided to purchase a new bed from Sleepy's. At the time of the purchase, I was also given a mattress protector with my bed as the salesperson said the bed would not be covered under warranty without one.

After a couple of nights sleeping on it, I ended up switching with my mom because it was too hard - a lot harder than the store model had been. At the time, I was still having horrible back pain, so we decided to keep it and give it another shot after my back healed. A month after purchasing my new bed and after weeks of physical therapy and numerous E.R. visits, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I spent the following couple of weeks bedridden and in pain, unable to do much of anything.

It wasn't until I started to feel slightly better a couple of months later that we decided to move my new bed back and give it try again. Unfortunately, the second time around I still felt it was too hard so I went back to a Sleepy's store to inquire about a refund figuring Sleepy's would be sympathetic to my situation. After all, I was still interested in purchasing another new bed from them. Well, the salesperson said the time had lapsed by a couple of months for a refund and there was nothing he could do. I explained to him that I had a serious medical condition that prevented me from returning it sooner, but he still wouldn't grant me any kind of refund. Trapped in a situation of needing a new bed, I purchased a new mattress (not whole bed set since I already had the box spring from the other bed) and placed my mattress protector on the new bed.

Recently, I saw an ad in a newspaper that said Sleepy's would refund your unwanted mattress up to 8 years, even if it was purchased somewhere else:

8 Year Comfort Guarantee

If for any reason you're not completely comfortable with your mattress purchase we'll replace it -

even if purchased elsewhere!

One time re–selection credit on your original purchase: 1st year 90% credit, 2nd year 80%, 3rd year 70%, 4th year 60%, 5th year 50%, 6th year 40%, 7th year 30%, 8th year 20%.

Prior purchases honored. Reselection must be of greater value. Mattress & Boxspring pads required. Fees Apply. Ask your mattress professional for details.

After seeing this ad, I immediately called Sleepy's Customer Service explaining my situation and telling them I was not offered any refund even though I had a serious medical condition and I hadn't even owned it a year. The woman with whom I was on the phone with then began to find ANY excuse to not offer me a refund. First, she told me that they didn't have this offer at the time. When I read her the offer in the ad that said it was good for any mattress up to 8 years and I had my first bed set for only 14 months and my second mattress less than a year, she tried to tell me there's nothing she could do because I didn't purchase a mattress protector. When I said I had, she continued to argue with me saying I had not, basically calling me a liar. At this point I became so irate, I raised my voice, telling her that I did purchase a mattress protector and that I had it on my bed at that exact moment. It was then that she responded: "I'm not deaf."

In complete shock that any customer service representative would speak back to me in such a manner, I asked to speak with her manager. The customer service agent told me to hold and she would get her supervisor, so I waited expecting the supervisor to be on the phone shortly. However, the supervisor was not put on the phone and instead the agent was back on asking me if I was planning to purchase a new mattress. Even though I was, it shouldn't have mattered. When I told the agent that I wanted to speak with her supervisor again, with an attitude, she responded that her supervisor wanted her to ask me a question. What company, when a customer asks to speak to a supervisor, first has an agent interrogate the caller before they connect them with a supervisor? I asked again to speak directly to a supervisor and was told I would be connected.

At that point, the line was disconnected. I don't like to make assumptions because it very well could have been a simple mistake, but I wonder whether or not our disconnection was done on purpose. Having no other option, I called back the main customer service line and was connected to a supervisor in a different customer service department. After explaining my situation with the supervisor, she told me she would listen to the recording of my previous conversation and get back to me at the end of the day. Sleepy's did get back to me at the end of the day, however, it was only an agent that called back, not the supervisor. The agent offered me an 80% refund of $399 for the W Hotel Mattress...... MINUS a fee they charge of $199 for the return. So in the end they were only going to offer $200. WHAT A JOKE! I understand that the ad said "Fees Apply," however, to charge a fee of $199 for the return is outrageous. Also, I had gone back well within a year to return my original mattress and box spring with no refund option and ended up buying a SECOND mattress. I have not even had the second mattress a year either! With the way I was treated by their customer service agent and considering that fact that I have now purchased a full bed set and a second mattress from them in less than 2 years, at the least, I should have been offered a 90% refund with a smaller fee than $199 or offered to keep the mattress and given a large discount on my future purchase - ESPECIALLY because of the way I was treated by their agent. Any other reputable company would have done so.

After such an insulting offer, I did not accept the refund nor did I purchase a new bed from Sleepy's. As a former repeat customer, I am so disgusted with this company, I will never do business with them again.

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