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We bought a high end iComfort Serta king size mattress and dual movable bases from Sleepy's. We also bought the 300$ mattress cover for protection and coolness.

After a week of using the mattress, both my wife and I noted that it slept VERY hot. We were sweating everywhere that we touched the mattress, even with no blankets. We tried to exchange the mattress at that time and were refused because of the 30 day break-in period.

So, we waited the 30 days and planned an exchange back to a Tempurpedic for nearly twice the cost. We also decided to split the mattress into 2 so that we could independently raise and lower the sides. We asked about exchanging the mattress pad as well, since we would have no use for the king size one with the new dual extra long separate mattresses. The sales person told us not to worry but keep using it to protect the mattress prior to the exchange. They would give us the two extra long ones for the same price.

When we set up the exchange after the 30 day break in period, they refused to take the 300$ cover back since it was past 30 days. Wait a minute, you forced us to keep the mattress for 30 days. How is that fair.

Then when they finally came to deliver and exchange the mattresses with the new ones, (at nearly twice the cost) they claimed that there was a faint pink stain on the mattress and they refused to exchange it. Now, we have been forced to use a mattress that we hated for 3 extra weeks, used a 300$ waterproof cover that they recommended and now they won't let us exchange it.

We spoke to the store manager who was incredibly rude to us, very rude to the salesperson who was actually trying to help us solve this.

I filed a complaint with the company and we went up the chain of command for hours on the phone and finally they agreed to make the exchange since the stain did not appear to be body fluid. (Of course not, there was a 300$ waterproof cover on it so that we didn't get sweat stains on it).

This company will never receive my business again as the management team, including the local manager in Northampton, MA, is rude and unprofessional. They do not stand by the promises of their salespeople and they are not realistic in their expectations of use.

This is a formal complaint with the BBB as well. We spent over $7,000 with them and if we could return everything and get our money back so that we could buy it from another company, we would. Alas, their return policies do not allow that.

Be warned if you buy from Sleepy's. Buy from a company that you can trust.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a partial refund as the author lost $7000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Sleepys. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Lewes, Delaware, United States #1068036

We brought a king size sleepy mattress less than 1 year which is sinking and very uncomfortable.It is not 1and 1 half deep when not being laid on but is is much more when being laid on.


I had a very similar problem with this company. I started out with a king size bed and due to exchange policy and I didn't have another 1400.00 I ended up with a queen size and adjustable base.

I also after two attempts to get a headboard have only received half my order twice. I tell everyone to go anywhere but Sleepys. Mattress professionals!!!!

What a joke.... Sorry for your problems as I can totally relate to this....

Sleepys Verified Representative

We're sorry to hear about the recent experience you had with us. We would love a chance to chat and help resolve your concerns.

Please email us at with your order #, contact info and reference case #01538143. We will send this to our customer care management team, and a specialist will help you resolve these issues!

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