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I bought a bed for about $150. It was sent and on day 1 it was defective, but the assembly man tried to cover it up. After 6 months on a creaky, unstable bed, I finally took it apart myself to identify the problem. There was a defect that made it impossible to use some of the screw holes necessary to put the bed together.

I called Sleepys and they said that they would send a new part out to me. Not wanting to have to wait around for a delivery man, I offered to walk the old part down to the show room that’s two blocks away and pick up the part at the showroom when it arrived. They said that was unacceptable and they would have to deliver it to my place. They also forgot to tell me that there would be a $90 delivery fee for a part that weighs about 3 lbs. The part is a 1” X 6” X 4’ board. (The whole bed is only $150)

Called to complain and got the delivery fee reduced but it was ***. The whole experience makes me sick and I will never do business again with such an impractical company that cannot seem to do what common sense dictates. Think carefully about buying from a company that cannot do simple things to save themselves money. If that’s the kind of company you’re dealing with they are eventually going to pass the costs of their *** decisions to you through prices, or hidden costs like $90 delivery fees to replace the tiniest defective parts.

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Good morning, my name is Melissa and I am a Customer Relations Representative at Sleepy’s LLC It has been brought to our attention that you filed a complaint online and we would like to offer assistance to you. I understand this is a public website and ask that you contact me directly at and provide your account information so we may further address your situation.

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