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I went to Sleepy's to look for a bed for my son and when we got there the doors were locked even though they were supposed to be open. It turned out the sales person opened, locked the doors, and then went to breakfast.

I waited 30 minutes and when he returned he said "yeah i do that from time to time". I could not believe that he turns the lights on and then locks up to go eat on company time, leaving customers to wait in the parking lot.

He acted like it was no big deal, he didn't even apologize.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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How does sleepys stay in business screwing people like they do. Why don't the BBB protect the people from sleepys.

I wouldn't buy another mattress if they were the only place place left. Sleepin on there *** like sleepin on the floor.

The warranty is like having nothing because they don't stand behind what they sell. Love to see they go under bunch of crooks.

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