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From the moment I walked into Sleepy's on West 14th Street in Manhattan, I was being pressured to either buy the bed or put down a deposit. I simply wanted to look and get a sense of what was out there. In these hard economic times, I wanted to do some comparison shopping. I was asked more than 7 times to put down 50.00. That figure got lowered to 25.00 on the 4th request. I held dtrong and left having found a bed I was interested in.

A few days later I returned and asked for a quote on paper. My intent was to do a little last minute comparison shopping but if I found nothing better, I would buy from Sleepy's. I go back to the store and the woman Jessica, agreed to write a quote but again asked for a deposit. She explained that it was 100% refundable if I decided not to buy. I finally agreed to pay the deposit. She ran my American Express and I signed signature on one of those machines with the little window and stylus as a pen. NOT a piece of paper.

Jessica printed out the quote and I read the numbers quickly and was satisfied for the time being. When I got home I looked more closely at the document and noticed that somehow my signature was now at the bottom and the back of the quote which stated that I had read all the conditions and would agree to pay the balance of 942.00!!! I had NOT read the entire document and did not sign the document! I called the company and they said that it was "normal" for the credit card signature to go onto this document.

What they did here seems to me to be boardering on illegal if not illegal.

You should avoid Sleepy's like the plague. They are playing the hard sell as well as using deceitful methods. How dare they hijack my or anyone's signature and place it on a document. Unreal!!!

Beware of these thieves!!

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same thing - we didn't even sign with a stylus or agree to a quote but they printed out a contract to buy a 2500 bed and our signature somehow appeared on both sides of the receipt. Avoid Creepy's!

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