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Ok, I admit it. My wife and I bought the wrong mattress from Sleepy's. I usually prefer soft and my wife prefers medium firmness. We purchased a Simmons Beautyrest pillowtop from them brought it home and realized it was to stiff for the both of us. Now to the dealers credit they did explain the return policy to us in bold letters right behind the desk that we signed the paperwork on before purchasing. Being a smart consumer and always on guard for ripoffs naturally I was skeptical about them but we were sure at the time that this mattress was right for us. WRONG. Two days after delivery we called the customer care center and got a hold of the representative and her name was "precious" We explanied our dilema and wanted to switch out to a softer mattress which we thought would be easy considering how large and customer care oriented we were led to believe Sleepy's was. WRONG. To say that Precious was downright flip to us and she made it very plain that because we did not purchase their mattress cover and we had a King mattress that this could not be done at all and that we were asking just too much of the customer care dept. I explained to her that we did indeed purchase a competitors waterproof mattress pad and could prove it was purchased before delivery of our mattress would she even say that begrudgingly we could get a one time exchange for $400! This is punitive and unfair for any company to gouge their consumers like this.

As luck would have it they also stated that they would match any competitors price. And so I took them up on the offer and called Mattress .com talked to Tony and he gave me a price of $200 less than what we just paid for ours. Well wouldn't you know that Sleepy"s owns Mattress . com and all calls are recorded!

Well we spoke with the manager of the store where we bought our mattress and he promptly stated that that just could not be as the mattress we purchased was not exactly like the one I got the price match on. A number of phone calls back and forth did reveal that indeed it was the exact same mattress that we had just purchased and wouldn't you know that the recordings were lost! The salesman who originally sold us the mattress gave us the biggest runaround you ever saw but I preservered and finally got it out of their hide.

Ok, so now you are wondering what happened to our original mattress. Well My wife and I went out and purchased a 2 inch thick memory foam topper and the mattress is just ok now but not worth the $1200 we paid for it. I think that a 4x8 sheet of plywood some feathers and leftover foam from an egg crate would actually help us sleep better than this over priced piece of junk.

I think Sleepy's should offer a one time replacement for folks just like us for a nominal coast and of course a delivery charge. That would certainly be fair now wouldn't it?

Also as of the date of this writing wouldn't you know that Bob's Discount furniture is running an ad stating how much a ripoff is the $400 King bed comfort guarantee is! You go BOB! I really wish my wife and I had purchased from Bob's as they have no punitive fees like this.

My wife and I will never do business with Sleepy's again and will spread the word to others to stay away from this company.

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When i purchased my simmons beauty rest from Sleepy's it had a pit in the middle within 5 days. They gave me another and it did the same within a week.

Then i paid a difference and got a Sealy Posture Pedic which did the same thing just as it was out of their warranty. I have been fighting with them for 6 months now to get it replaced or at this point i should just be refunded as i have been inconvenienced enough. The guy came out to measure and said it was sagging 1" 1/4" but that's not enough discomfort to replace it. It has to be sagging a full 1" 1/2" to get it replaced.

Go figure!! Make sure you read the fine print when you purchase from Sleepy's! They are the biggest rip off ever and they will not help you once you leave the store. This company should be put out of business.

Not a reputable mattress dealer at all. none of the mattresses i have feel anything like what's in the store.


I purchased an I comfort, I hate it! Sleeps said I have to keep the bed for 30 days.

I have had it for 2 weeks! I am sleeping 3 or 4 hours a night. You just get the run around. They need to come get this bed.

It feels nothing like the one in the store. Stay away from Sleepys


STAY AWAY FROM THIS CHAIN - they sell REFURBISHED MATTRESSES. If enough people stay aware, the company will go bust.

They use unethical business practices and sales people will lie to your face and then deny telling you what they said.

If you are foolish enough to walk into this store, the make sure you record the conversation.

to Vienna #1509627

All of you reviews are BEYOND accurate. Thank you - thank you so much for validating my experience and for saving me thousands.

We are now looking at 3 mattresses purchased from Sleepy's about 3 years ago, that are horrific and were horrific within 3 months of purchase. Knowing I'd get nowhere with them, I decided to not lose my precious time and work days to call them daily. Prior to this, we had purchased our king sized mattress 20 years ago and I swear to God that thing was PERFECT for 16 years and we didn't buy it at Sleepy's. The only reason we had to get rid of king-sized is we moved.

This isn't like changing underwear, a mattress should last much longer than 3 months, 3 years etc. Twenty years later, then maybe they have a right. It has been SO AWFUL the last year and a half, that we literally sleep on our couches 3 or 4 days out of the week! Young girls sleeping on the ground because believe it or not it feels much better than the horrible mattresses Sleepy's sells.

We couldn't afford to just change mattresses - it's thousands! At this juncture, we are in such agony, going to chiropractors, having had no issues with backpain prior to these mattresses. I am sorry but an 11 year old shouldn't have to be in pain every single day and have sleepless nights and beg her pediatrician to get her help. We shouldn't have to incur costs at doctors telling us no your child has a perfectly healthy bone structure and back - no issues - check her mattress!!!!

Sleepy's - if I am a betting woman, I'd bank all my money that at some point in the near future, Sleepy's will go bankrupt. I believe the franchise name has changed, but the products are the same. As far as I am concerned, any employee that knows they are selling people bad products is as guilty as the owner of any business. I'd never work for a company that allowed me to fool innocent people.

I'd rather die with my honor, dignity and honesty even if it meant I'd have to work somewhere else. It's called having a moral fiber...something a parent teaches us the minute we come out of the womb. If our reviews reach even 1 person who will not go to the store, than we have saved someone from enduring what we have and that is what an honest person does. To allow anyone to suffer financial loss for products we know are horrible, is unjustifiable...people work very hard for their money.

One fact that can't be debated is if 100 of your close friends tell you a movie is awful, a normal person would avoid that movie. If 5 of the same brand cars have given you problems, you'd never go get the 6th.

There's strength and power in numbers. Thank you all for your reviews, you just saved me thousands of dollars :-)


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