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Let me start off by saying MY BACK IS KILLING ME. My wife and I are at a new level of frustration with Sleepy's.

In December of 2011, we purchased a new king-sized Simmons Beautyrest Shakespeare mattress and box springs from Sleepy's on Rte 1 in Alexandria, VA for over $1,700. A few months after delivery, we noticed aches in our backs, but didn't immediately attribute it to the mattress, as we JUST purchased it and couldn't believe that it had already gone bad. Then we noticed the sagging…two divots that lined up exactly where we slept, respectively, on the bed. My wife and I are not heavy people.

We called the manufacturer, who informed us that we needed to work with the retailer, Sleepy's. After weeks of back and forth trying to schedule a "mattress inspector", one finally came and told us that the divots needed to be at least 1.75" deep for the mattress to be "condemned" (which shocks me that it's that deep for them to consider it being bad). Surprisingly, our mattress met the test and was "condemned" – which only means the store will give you credit to buy a new one…from them, and only in the amount the mattress is worth. So back to Sleepy's we went with our $1,100 in store credit on a "super sale" type weekend.

Guess what, our mattress was actually now more expensive…and the sales guy tried to tell us that we needed a more expensive mattress (twice as expensive). After some back and forth (during which he insulted my wife and I describing our life as being worry free except for this issue, so what were we complaining about), we determined that there was no way he was going to let us get out of there without spending a lot more money – even if we JUST WANTED TO EXCHANGE THE MATTRESS WITH AN IDENTICAL ONE, and even though the one they sold us was "condemned". My wife called Sleepy's customer service and they finally agreed to send us an identical exchange mattress – but we'd have to pay a $99 delivery fee (graciously reduced to $69, oh boy). Several days later, the delivery truck arrived with a queen pillow top mattress – NOT what we ordered, but they said that it wasn't their fault – we must have ordered the wrong one.

After we called customer service, they put it back on the truck and we waited several more weeks for the proper mattress. The correct type and size arrived with holes in the side, and stitching that looked like the needle used to sow the mattress together wasn't working properly – and the threads were coming out of the mattress. When my wife pointed out these issues to the delivery guys , their response was: not their problem, and totally normal, in fact. After arguing once again with Speepy's customer service (when they finally agreed that the holes and stitching issues would actually void the warranty), they agreed to replace the mattress…again.

That brings us to the mattress that's currently on our bed – which was delivered no more than 6 months ago. It has developed the same divots that the first mattress had developed. I'm done with Sleepy's. My patience can't handle another go around with their customer service department and definitely not one of their sleezy sales guys.

I recommend anyone reading this to buy a mattress from someplace else. Don't go through what we went through.


Monetary Loss: $1700.

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Newburgh, New York, United States #610299

I too, have had a somewhat unpleasant experience with Sleepy's. It took almost six weeks to rectify the situation and hopefully, my new (added expense) mattress and box springs will be delivered this Friday.

It is beyond my comprehension, how a 25year warrantied product at a cost of over $1,000. can be in need of replacement in less than two years, regardless of the cause. I must say, however, that after some diligence, I did get the cost for the replacement down, (which should have been $0.00) free delivery and removal and the staff was very polite.

It is unfortunate that the consumer must go through such nonsense in order to make the merchants accountable for what they claim. It puts a new meaning on "the squeaky wheel".

cathy sable
Bethpage, New York, United States #588099

Thank you for your post..

If you need any further assistance please contact Sleepys at csable@mattress.com.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #586666

Well I thought I had an issue with Sleepys as well. I went into the store mad as *** after talking to the customer service dept. I encountered a young man that at first I just wanted to explode all my fustration on, and in an instant it all changed.

He said to me," I really understand your fustration and I would probaly. Feel the same way. Unfortunately because of the world we live in there has to be rules amd procedures in order to protect the customer as well as the company and to make sure everyone is treated the same so that there is no one feeling mistreated or biased."

How true a lot of what you experience from companies now is because of some lawsuit or prior behavior of some past customer who took advantage of a companies policies. I followed the program that the salesman was ahappy to walk me through and my situation as resolved.


The second "brand new bed" I got from sleepys has sink holes in it just like your talking about. This bed is clearly used.

I wake up in pain every day since buying a bed from sleepys.

They pulled the same things with me, delivering the wrong bed, upcharging for the second one, charging again delivery fees. If you would like to join in a legal fight you can reach me at kathie032000@yahoo.com

cathy sable
to Katherine Adams Bethpage, New York, United States #588100

Thank you for the post

If you need any further assistance please contact Sleepys @ csable @ mattress.com


Thank you for sharing your concerns. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Please reach out to me at csable@mattress.com and include your invoice number and/or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you. We look forward to working with you and resolving your issue.


Sleepy's is a scam. I had a similar issue with them. Horrible company

to Pedro Phoenix, Arizona, United States #604360

You all know sleepys doesnt manufacture the mattresses correct

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