Mattresses are a commodity. Sleepy's tries to confuse the consumer with price guarantee's, upgrades and double talk. When looking for a mattress you have very few options in making a direct comprison as each store changes the name of their mattresses. Sleepy's offers to beat any price by 20%, however try and convince them you have a match. It's false advertising and should be reviewed by State of Federal Attorney office.

One way to determine mattress quality is number of coils, however Sleepy's will try and convince you this doesn't matter. And maybe it's coil counts is splitting hairs however, they offer a guarantee they cannot live up to. Quite leterally if you've ever bought a used car from a used car salesperson, the experience is about the same.

Go to a respected retailer in your area. Talk to a salesperson and see if you feel more comfortable. Google Sleepy's reviews and see how many complaints exist. Avoid this retailer. How do thet stay in business. Here's my prediction on August 23, 2009. Should the economy continue to sputter in the retail sector for another 12 months, Sleepy's will file for backruptcy. Let's see if I'm right.

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I went to Sleepy's on 8/23/09 to check out their mattress protectors. I wanted to get something to protect against bedbugs, since they are such a big issue in NYC these days (not that my apartment is infested - it is not). This Sleepy's store only carried one brand of mattress protector. I asked the salesperson many questions about the mattress protector, but he couldn't tell me much. At some point, he opened the zipper pouch the M.P. came in to remove the warranty card to read me what was on it, and show me the fabric the M.P. was constructed of. He handled the fabric and suggested I do the same.

I specifically asked him what the return policy was for the product, since I wanted to have a chance to do some research on the best M.P.s, and have the option to return this one if I found poor independent reviews. The sales rep told me that if I "took the M.P. out of the bag and put it on the bed or something, there's no way you could return it." He implied that if I did not remove the M.P. from the bag, that I would be able to return it.

After researching online, I found ZERO independent reviews of the brand of M.P. I had bought at Sleepy's with regard to bedbug protection, so I decided I would return it. At no point did I open the bag after I left the store. However, when I went back 2 days later to return it, the sales rep (a different one) refused to accept the return, on the grounds that Sleepy's policy is no returns on opened mattress protectors. When I insisted he call his manager he did, but the manager also refused to accept the item, despite my explaining that I had not opened the item - but that sales rep who sold it to me had (in the store).

The purchase agreement (my receipt) does say on the back: ""Sleepy's will not refund or exchange opened sheets, pillows, or mattress protectors." Well and good, but that doesn't contradict the fact that the sales rep who sold it to me told me otherwise.

I called the 800 customer service number to complain that the sales rep who sold me the item had misrepresented the company's return policy, implying that I could return the M.P. as long as I didn't remove it from the bag (whereas now they were telling me I couldn't return it since it was a zipper bag, so there was "no way" they could tell if it had been opened or not. Basically saying they did not believe me!). I spoke to someone who promised to get the regional manager, Edward Jasko, to call me within 2 business days. I never got a call, so 4 days later I called again. A rude customer "service" agent told me that there was no way Sleepy's was going to authorize a return. I repeated my request to have Mr. Jasko call back as promised, to which I was told he would be given my message. Of course, I never heard from this regional manager despite 2 promises to have him call me.

2 days ago, I emailed Sleepy's customer service, telling my story in detail. I got a reply after 3 full business days, basically telling me that my case had been reviewed, and since I signed a purchase agreement, they would not accept a return. I wrote back, emphasizing the circumstances - that the sales rep had been the one who opened the bag, and he told me I could return it if it wasn't removed from the bag. Also, I signed an electronic capture credit card reader, not the purchase agreement - so I was NOT aware of the printed policy at the time that I signed. My signature was printed on the purchase agreement, but I did not physically sign the agreement, so to hold me responsible for knowing the contents of the purchase agreement prior to sales is at the least sneaky, and at the worst not quite legal, I'd think.

The second response I received was downright rude. An exert: "About your complaint about the salesperson misrepresenting the company’s return policy, our terms and conditions are on writing and you hold a copy of them. If you didn’t agree with them at the time you didn’t have to take the product."

Well. Never at any point did Sleepy's acknowledge that the sales rep who sold me the item and misrepresented the product acted improperly, either by OPENING the product himself on the sales floor, or telling me that I couls return it if I didn't remove it from the bag. Instead, they lay the entire blame for the situation on me the customer, despite the fact that I never saw the sales agreement before my signature had already been electronically printed on it!

I am shocked that such a big chain store has such dishonest sales tactics and takes no responsibility for its sales reps, from the store manager all the way through the so-called "customer service" department. I would never buy from Sleepy's again, and I encourage everyone to read some of the other stories from disgruntled Sleepy's customers before spending a dime there.


I haven't had a good nights sleep in over a year since i wasted $1000 on a mattress set from sleepy's. The salesman was very aggressive. The mattress is in poor quality, and i should have went to raymour and flanigan :cry

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