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We bought a new mattress from Sleepy's in May and the "comfort exchange" policy they told us about said that we could sleep on it for up to 21 days and if we weren't satisfied, we could exchange it for a new mattress for no cost. Well, turns out, our Kingsdown mattress was too soft for our liking so we went back to the store to get a firmer one.

FIRST, they wouldn't let us exchange it for a cheaper mattress than the one we had already purchased (a whopping $2,260) and SECOND, the "free exchange" is a total lie: Sleepy's charges an "exchange fee" of $299, PLUS we were charged for another delivery fee of $90. All in, the "free exchange" ended up costing me an extra 400 bucks! Ridiculous. On top of it, they upsold us two contour pillows at $100 a pop that ended up being extremely uncomfortable to sleep on.

But forget about returning them...nope, the minute they are out of the original packaging, returns are not allowed. So another $200 down the toilet.

Mind you, if I had bought pillows at Macy's, Bloomingdale's, even TJ Maxx, I could return within a year, no questions asked. But go to the "Mattress Professionals" and know that the only thing they are professionals at is taking your money.

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my sales rep was totally up front about the additional DELIVERY FEE if a mattress is exchanged. They use 3rd party delivery companies and shouldn't have to eat the cost every time a consumer wants to return a mattress. Keep in mind, it's not like returning a broken appliance, it's a large mattress that cannot be re-sold. of course you need to pay for pickup and redelivery for a new mattress. ALSO, it's not within 21 days, the policy is within 14 days to make an exchange and then to have a new one delivered within 7 after that, totaling 21 days. Additionally, after a new mattress is redelivered, the 14 day cycle starts all over again....

This consumer is an *** and obviously is too dumb to ask or read the agreement they SIGNED.

Don't be a *** and learn to ask questions before you make a $2200 purchase.

Stefan Cel Mare, Bacau, Romania #425126

we bought a mattress and got stuck with it too. unbelievable. one should think more than twice before walking in that store.


"Bob" is a shill for Sleepys, most likely one of their questionable salesmen. I have unfortunately dealt with Sleepys a couple of times because of the monopoly the hold in NYC.

I am an informed consumer, so I took these people to the cleaners recently, but as a consumer advocate, I side with reviewer. How about this concept: Be upfront and honest in the beginning, telling the purchaser about the charges, instead of the underhanded and deceptive practice of having the exchange fees in small print? And Ms. Cable is Sleepys fixit woman.

She the company’s only hope to correct the egregious wrongs so that the NY AG doesn’t get involved. Go elsewhere, if you can.

Otherwise, comparison shop, do A LOT of research, and bring the price down as much as possible. I have observed the markups being at least 150%, if not closer to 200-300%.


Thank you for sharing your concerns. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please reach out to me at csable@mattress.com and include your invoice number and/or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you.


Yeh, the big poster and full explanation on the back of your invice isn't enough warning for you. NO other retailer even allows you to correct a poor matt choice, they cant sell your "bad choice", $200 is cheap to get off wothout buying a whole new matt, and the cost of your matt protector comes off the fee. Slander

to Bob Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #600227

never never buy anything from sleepys- its a scam

to Bob Medway, Massachusetts, United States #610530

Really? Is that why bobs gives you 60 days to exchange if you are not happy with the mattress.. And their mattresses are all king coil made.

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