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I bought a new Sealy Posturepedic Vassir Cushion Firm mattress from Sleepy's over the internet. It was a large step for me to even buy a mattress online, as I could only go by the description, and by the memory of the ones I had tried in the store.

I put my confidence in sleepy's; it being a national brand, and spent the money I had saved for over a year on the new mattress. (I am a single mother making my way through college) First of all, took the day off for the delivery....... It was supposed to get here in the morning. They told me this was the only time it could be delivered that day.

Around the time it was supposed to come, I recieved a call from Sleepy's that it would be late. Ok, not a big deal. They even gave me a $50 off coupon for the next mattress I bought.......if i'm really going to keep track of that for that many years. Or, maybe they knew in advance that they were giving me a crappy mattress, and figured i'd need it sooner.....who knows.

Anyway, I slept on my mattress for the next couple months and thought it was great. It was firm, and my pre-experienced back pain was gone. About four months after the delivery, I began experienceing back pain again. I didn't think it had anything to do with the mattress at first, but while changing the sheets one day I noticed that the mattress appeared to be a bit lumpy.

I ran my hand across the surface, lightly pressing down as I did and noticed many more lumps and uneven spots. I also looked at the sides of the mattress now and you could actually see the springs bowing out along the sides......I'm not a heavy girl......This should not be happening. So, I called Sleepy's and they sent out an insurance investigator to my house. He did this thing where he put a string across the mattress, measured the distance where the bulges and dips were, and took pictures.

I asked him what his opinion was, and he said that there is definitely something wrong with your mattress, but he did not make the final decision about the replacement. Sleepy's never called me back, and after a couple failed attempts I finally got someone on the phone. They basically made excuses on why they couldn't replace the mattress. It is less than a year later and I am SO uncomfortable every night.

I will never buy anything from sleepy's again unless they make this right somehow. NO ONE on the other end of the phone can, so anyone else out there?

I will keep telling as many people about this horrible experience as I can until it turns into a better one.......Not too distant future is trying to contact CEOs, and the BBB. There are just too many complaints floating around for this to be an isolated incident.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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This Comment Above Is A SCAM. They are not from Sleepy's They are from 1-800-MATTRESS!

Very Frustrated! :(

to kay6587 Old Town, Maine, United States #709823

Do you work for Sleepy's? If so, see what you can do for this person. If not, don't cast judgment.


Thank you for sharing your concern(s). We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please reach out to us at and include your invoice number and/or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you.

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