I live in Johnston Rhode Island and went to their store on Rt44 in Greenvile a few months ago. I was looking for a nice mattress set.

My wife and I have some health issues. We went in and the so called sales professional smelled like booze. He was about 60 years old and around 5'5". I think his name was Peter.

He thought he was very funny but he was the most offensive salesman I have ever met. He put us on an rubber mattress that he said was hooked up to a computer and that it would help us find the right bed. We entered some info and the laid on the bed. He said we were a blue and showed us a bed that fit that category.I don't know what that means.

But we laid on the mattress like he said to. It was too soft and we didn't like it. He said that he had to do the test or he would get fired if he didn't and the company knows if he did it or not. Really weird!!!!

Any how after we said we didn't like it he responded all it does is weigh you anyway its a gimmick. I saw what I thought would look comfortable and we laid on a Simmons, He said he had to take a call and would be right back. Upon his return he asked if we liked it. we said yes, but we needed to look around.

The bed was 1599, he said that they would take 100 dollars of if we put a 25 dollar deposit. We said no and thanked him for his time. He then asked if he could give us a quote. I said OK, big mistake name, email, phone number, address.

I said that i didn't want to give out that info. He said he had to or again he would be let go or suspended if he didn't. We left and drove a little further down 44 and guess what another Sleepy's. I pulled in and said hopefully this will be better.

Well I was wrong, this time a guy about the same age as the last loser greeted us. Then he asked if we were in a Sleepy's before. i said no and he asked to do the same weighing test we said no. Long story short he showed us the same mattress set we were offered 1499 to buy with the 100 off.

This time I asked if there were any sales this guy said its on special for 999. wow. What a load of ***. He was pushy and rude.I don't know why i gave him my info but i did and he gave us a quote.

5 days later we had gotten around 6 calls dropping the price more each time. It went down to 799. I finally asked on the last call how could the pricing be so inconsistent. The woman said we haggle and try to make the most we can up front if that does not sent work then we slash the prices.

Looks like you could get a good screwing with these guys. The men we dealt with were a disgrace and so rude. The people that called were rude except one. The woman said that we would be crazy not to buy this mattress at 799.

I went to another large furniture store and got the same bed for 799 with delivery included and the real price was on it from the get go. Sleepy's also wanted 90 bucks to deliver it and 30 to take our old set out. Also they wanted 149 dollars for a frame. I bought one at the store we purchased at for 49 dollars and it was better than the scammed for 149.

The store I bought at also delivered for free and took our old set away. The reason I am writing this is because i got a call a week ago and they said that they couldn't hold the price they quoted me anymore unless i gave them a deposit over the phone. I had enough and said i bought a bed with free delivery and they took the old one away. also the frame was a third of the price.

The man said they don't include those items they want you to see the charges. He said they don't hide it in the price. They were twice as much as the furniture store. Same mattress different name but the coils were more with what we bought.

How can a company that is so big try to screw the public like that.I know that they need to make a profit but twice as much plus they wanted hundreds more for delivery and a frame. then to keep calling and harassing us. I don't know if that the normal employee and price tactics but what a terrible experience. The man that called last I complained to about the first salesman and he said that he had been fired and was a drug addict and an alcoholic.

I just saw a commercial with them saying professionals and highly trained staff. What a joke. That is my story. I would not have written this if they didn't keep calling and telling lies when they did.

Beware of the sleepy man!!

Marco P. Johnston RI

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