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when we went to go buy a bed in the sleepy's store the sales person tricked us into almost buying the bed with not all the parts and in the end we discovered that. so i went to complain and get a refund but the sales person didn't want to give back my money.

then he gave me a paper that i guess is suppose to be a recipt and he told us to wait a couple days and i would get my money back but i don't trust him. my opinion is the store sucks and the sales people are bad.

Monetary Loss: $419.

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:( The sleepys in manahawkin Nj is terrible to say the least!! I have bought several mattresses in my home from there in the past and now need to replace them.

I naturally went to sleepy's since that is where I was happy in the past. Well apparently their level of class for who they hire now has definitely gone down hill. The man attacked me the second I walk in the door, which I realize is the protocol so not letting that bother me I stayed friendly, but than he wouldn't shut up!! I mean I could not even lie on a mattress for crying our loud!

For a place where you should be relaxed I was stressed out!! It was not a sales pitch it was this fight, debate, an I cel like I was being yelled at. I wish I knew his name but after the way I was treated I felt like I needed to high tail out of there. I am not kidding when I say this man wanted to argue.

What the ***?? Buddy all I want to do is heck out some mattresses!! When I walked in he made a comment to me that he was going to go to sleep from boredom because no one was there, well now I know why. If they had an encounter with you, no one woul want to give you the pleasure of getting commission from them.

He kept ripping apart every place that sells mattresses, he also looked right at me when I was shying away and said angrily "amazing" with a followed to the other man employee she doesn't want any help!! Seriously ,,,,, some advice dont mumble something about a perspective buyer when they can hear you!!

You lost a sale of over 3500.00 this evening!! I wanted to get the Kingsdown series 6, I now will be purchasing my mattress tomorrow elsewhere!!


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