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I recently ordered a Riva Platform Bed (Style Moriva5/0HFES). The bed was not put together correctly; the middle slat broke.

On September 14, 2010 a sleepy's worker came to repair the bed. He told me that the bed could not be repaired; that the platform rails and slat were defective and recommended that I use bed beams once the bed was eventually repaired with the right parts. I went back to the sleepy's where i initially purchased the bed (on Montague Street, in Brooklyn Heights) with this information. They told me that since there had never been any problems with this model they would replace the entire bed.

While this was not necessary (as the only thing that needed to be replaced was the middle slots with the addition of bed beams) I agreed that the bed would be replaced. The agreement was that the bed would be replaced and the former bed would be taken away from the premises. On Sunday, October 3, 2010 three truckers came to my apartment. I stepped to put my laundry in the dryer and saw that a sleepys delivery truck was in front of my building.

My girlfriend who was in my apartment called me and told me that the truckers only replaced the head board, they did not replace the bed. In addition, the rails and slats had not been replaced. I ran upstairs and saw that the drivers were leaving. I told the drivers that the entire bed was supposed to be replaced; they responded that it did not, only the headboard needed to be replaced.

I got customer service on the phone and customer service acknowledged that the entire bed needed to be replaced and that the replaced bed was to be taken away from the premises. She spoke with the drivers who then gave me back the phone. When I hung up the phone the drivers left and drove away; they apparently refused to take the headboard. Now not only am i still with a broken bed, I have this large extra headboard that I never even needed in my apartment.

I then called sleepys customer service and asked them to at least take the extra headboard away. They told me that it could not be done that I would have to wait until they had drivers available to take the bed away and offered me a $50 gift certificate. I refused to take the gift certificate as was sickened to my stomach as to how this entire process was handled. Not only did sleepys give me a defective product, it failed to do the exchange as agreed and left me with an extra headboard which is taking up a significant part of my one bedroom apartment.

There seems to be no accountability. I intend on making a formal complaint with the better business bureau about this fiasco.

The drivers were extremely rude, customer service was not helpful and I'm left with a defective product. I am appalled by the way I was treated and regret the day i decided to purchase my bed from sleepys

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cathy sable

Hi , my name is Cathy from Sleepy’s Customer Care. Sleepy’s strives for 100% complete customer satisfaction and appreciates when a consumer takes the time to inform us of how we might improve our organization and better serve our valued customers. We want to maintain your trust and loyalty; therefore, please contact me directly at csable@sleepys.com and reference the customer code on your purchase invoice, so I may provide you with some assistance.


Cathy Sable

Sleepy’s, LLC

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