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I purchased a King Size Mattress from Sleepy's 5 years ago that has a 10 Year warranty, the delivery men came to my house with 2 box springs and the mattress. They placed the box springs on my sleigh bed frame that has double supports, accepted my gratuity and away they went..

Since 1957 Sleepy's has the experience to have earned the name “The Mattress Professionals”.... HA! HA! HA!......

After calling Sleepy's and complaining about a defective mattress, they sent out their Professional Mattress Inspector who took 4 weeks to contact me. Upon his inspection (which btw, my mattress looks brand new) he told me they (Sleepy's) would contact me with the results..... We'll I just received a phone call with the results... IMPROPER SUPPORT WAS THEIR CLAIM....

WARRANTY VOIDED..... I then called customer support to inquire, and also ask that when the box springs and mattress were delivered and placed on my frame, why didn't the delivery men tell me that the so called lack of framing would void my warranty if their was ever an issue ??? The customer reps response was their not Professionals, just delivery men.

So the TERM "Mattress Professionals" doesn't really apply to everyone that they employ.

I'm wondering how many Warranties are voided due to Improper Support, just because the unprofessional delivery man doesn't have the experience or knowledge to inform the non-mattress public people that the Frame that they currently have would void any warranty moving forward. I bet that would help everyone get the correct support required for their new $3K and up mattress.

Sleepy's would then have to find a new excuse for voiding warranties. My next reviews will be to the BBB,,,,, & every other internet site I can find.

Review about: Sleepys Box Spring.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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New Haven, Connecticut, United States #803522

Why would you buy a mattress for $3,000? What in the world are people thinking. Any research on the web will tell you that the cost of a mattress does not reflect its quality.

cathy sable

We thank you for taking the time to express your concerns. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Please email me at to include your invoice # and/or customer code along with the best contact # to reach you. We look forward to working with you on resolving the complaint.

to cathy sable #733585

Cathy, I sent you an email yesterday 10/25 with all my contact info. I welcome your phone call or email. I have all invoices and customer codes for you, when and if you call.

I remain,

Complaint # 14,128

to cathy sable #733603

This reply must be an automated email that is sent out, as every complaint that is made, is followed up with, "I'm still waiting for a reply from Cathy Sable... who has been dealing with pissed consumers for 13 years 5 moths as Sleepy's Customer relations.. We shall see how this is handled...

to cathy sable #734974

Still waiting for a Reply from Cathy Sable..... What a schocker !!!

to cathy sable #735441

It's only been 5 days, I'm sure I'm at the top of their list of Complaining Customers.... SLEEPY"S The Mattress Un-Professionals !!!!

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