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My boyfriend bought a bed from SLEEPYS about 4/5 years ago. When he went to do a comfort exchange 21 days later they refused him and gave him some story about "the computers lock us out..." Coming from someone who has worked in customer service since 16 y.o. I know there is ALWAYS something/someone can can be called or done.

After 5 years of literally waking up with twisted backs my boyfriend broke down to buy a new bed. We heard the Columbus Day ads and decided to go and LOOK ONLY. The sales person was quick to give us "great deals" and throwing discounts around. We ended up getting the top of the line KINGS DOWN and were very happy with our purchase. The sales person gave us his personal cell phone number, told us not to worry about a thing... If we didn't like it we could return it with no problems because "he can do things"...

The bed was delivered and we were super excited. Sleeping on it that night we noticed it was sinking in the middle ALREADY! We immediately went to SLEEPYS the next morning. We asked for the sales person and found another guy with the same name sitting at our guys desk (coincidence?). We did an exchange and the new bed was delivered, but this time the bed is HARD AS A ROCK. This is NOT the "cloud" bed we purchased. Now we are told that there are no returns no matter who can do what... We have been screwed by SLEEPYS 2 times now and will NEVER go there again or have anyone we know buy from them.

They are just as bad as car sales people. They give you the world when you are looking and interested, but the minute you sign papers and walk out, you are just another person...

We should have gone to BOBS or with SLEEP NUMBER instead. The beds are cheaper, better, and the customer service at both friendly and willing to work with customers. I have a BOBS bed that is over 10 years old, still in perfect condition, still under warranty, and cost 75% less than this SLEEPYS mattress.

As someone who is a manager and who has worked in many different retail stores and customer service roles since the age of 16... I am disappointed and appalled at the lack of customer service and basic caring to keep customers.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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We needed to purchase a foundation for my mother's bed since moving to our new house. The stair well is designed in such a way that we cannot maneuver a queen box spring to the second floor.

Went to Sleepy's looking for a split box. No such thing. The sales person, Graham, showed us a Forever Full Foundation. Assemble on premises after delivery.

He said that our delivery date would be 10/19 from an order placed on 9/3. Ok. We can live with that. He said he would do everything to get the order in on time.

Never heard from him again. Called CS. Promised on 11/2. Nope.

Called customer service. Promised on 11/15. Nope. Now promised mid-January 2013.

It would have been better if the sales person said, "I'm sorry, we just don't have the product; and it appears we won't until January 2013. I'm sorry we don't have what you're looking for." We cancelled the order on 11/19/12. I can just bet the cancellation won't process. I'm sure we'll have to call, and call to get a refund EVEN THOUGH, line ONE on the sales order receipt offers a "prompt full refund of any payment." My wife and I have been ripped off twice this year by disreputable companies.

Sleepy's being the second one. We're getting good at complaining to the Attorney General's office.


Sleepy's number one goal is customer satisfaction. Please reach out to me at and include your invoice number and/or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you. We look forward to working with you and resolving your complaint.

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