i had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with the other company starting with a b and ending with a b they were very difficult to deal with once the sale was made they did not want to know their customer. on the opposite side of the fence i found sleepys and the salesman steve in the ct area to be most helpful and very interested in me the customer.

when trying to make thier sale the company better b said all they were interested is if the customer would get a good nites sleep.

boy all that changed once you signed on the dotted line. all they wanted to do was pass the buck to the mattress company so let the buyer be ware

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The comment on June 12 by "cathy" is rich. "cathy" responds to every entry on this website about sleepys with the same message.

Only this entry IS A COMPLIMENT for sleepys. I doubt "cathy" is a real person, but sleepys is real, a real ripoff....


Thank you for sharing your concern(s). We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please reach out to me at csable@mattress.com and include your invoice number and/or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you


Of course I'm sure you realize that Better Bedding is owned by Sleepy's right?

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