I ordered a bed on line for my daughter in college, who is living in her first apartment. Sleepys made sure they asked for her cell pnone number.

The bed is wonderful, unfortunately their delivery man has been using that number to send my daughter inappropriate text messages. Sleepy's is doing nothing to ensure her safety . However they do seem to be concerned about keeping this man's identity confidential. Wish they had been more dilligent about vetting their delivery people.

I am concerned for her safety. Sleepy's told me not to worry, this won't happen in the future to Sleepy's customers. I am concerned with my child's safety.

They have not, in my opinion, appear to care in the slightest. Don't they check these people out.

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Very disappointed in my experience with Sleepys. It has to have been the worst experience with a retail store, I've ever had.

I purchased a futon matress, and was told to pick it up at the warehouse. I brought it home and after taking off the plastic packaging, noted a large rip in the fabric. The rip wasn't through the packaging, so it looked as if the matress was wrapped after the rip occurred. I called the 1800 number, after being placed on hold for 10 min, was told to return the mattress to the warehouse on a specific day and time to exchange it.

I stated the customer service person's instructions back to her, to make sure there was no misunderstanding. I assumed wrongly that in the 10 minutes on hold, she would have checked the matress's availability, held one, or otherwise noted in the computer our conversation.

I showed up on the date and time told (45 min drive each way x2), to be informed there was no mattress available to exchange. I was nonplussed. The security guards suggestion was to "call the salesman" As I didn't have his number handy (didn't think I'd need it for a $208 mattress.

I returned to the store, and asked for my money back, and I would give back the ripped mattress. I was informed "we can;t do that, we can't have damaged merchandise in the store" I was told to dispose of the damage mattress on my own (and at own cost), and my money would be refunded. She then asked if I would except, if it could be arranged, to have a delivery truck come out and exchange the ripped mattress for one which wasn't ripped. This I agreed to, and had a time set, for which my wife had to make herself available.

When the delivery person called to confirm her was approaching, he reported he was "to pick up" the ripped mattress, but did not have instructions to (and did not have) a mattress to exchange. My wife declined to have the mattress removed without a replacement, and requested our money back. She was told, another date was sheduled, in which the mattress would be removed, and we would receive a slip with a confirmation number on it, with the charge then promised to be reversed. I called the same store, which I had gone to previously to ask for my money back.

I different person "the manager" told me I couldn't get my money back from the store "per policy", but had to have the mattress picked up, and hope after the fact that my money would be refunded. I expressed my frustation that no one appear to communicate with anyone else, quoted policies change, things are not documented, there is poor followup. My concern is once the mattress is picked up, and I'm given "the slip" Somewhere, somehow things will get lost, and I'll be out my money "The manager's" reponse, was to call customer service. When I call customer service, I'm told to call the saleman.

At Sleepy's noone appears to have the reponsibility, nor the authority to provide good service. I asked for a higher up's name and number to try to get satisfaction, but "the manager" demurred, instead passing responsibility off on customer service, and making excuses for how and why simple things like checking inventory, or communicating can't be done.

The customer is always right. Not something Sleepys seems to understand.


We welcome the opportunity to speak with you in an effort to resolve your concern. Please reach out to me at csable@mattress.com and include your invoice number and/or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you. Thank you.


i'd inform the cops!!!!!!! if sleepys won't do anything they should!!

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