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Update by user Jan 19, 2016

The last update before I press resolved. After setting the delivery up for 6-9 window my wife gets a phone call at 3 saying the delivery is outside.

My wife responded that it is scheduled for 6 and that she is at work. The driver responded well you are our last stop. Can we leave it outside?

( they basically would leave her alone to carry a king size mattress and box spring ) finally around 5:30 my wife made it home and the mattress was delivered. Although I like the mattress I really hope I never have to deal with Sleepys again.

Update by user Jan 18, 2016

Within minutes after posting this review along with the BBB , CONSUMER AFAIRS & FACEBOOK. To my surprise I just received a call from a lovely lady that help and solved the issue.

The lady did admit that they should not have approve the credit in the first place but made the effort to help.

Finally I will receive my mattress tomorrow ( as a Sleepys curtesy not a warranty exchange ). Advice to all keep your law tag ( whatever the even is ) I AM NOT MARKING THIS AS RESOLVED UNTIL DELIVERY IS MADE

Original review posted by user Jan 18, 2016

After purchasing a mattress within a year it became suggy and bumpy. Understand that this happens but didn't mind cause I had warranty on it I contact Sleepys.

They sent a rep to my home and check the mattress. They approved a 700$ credit. So far so good. At the Time I couldn't afford a new mattress so I waited a little bit.

After a few months I visit a location just to find out that the credit is canceled due to expiration. Mind you nobody ever told us that that is the case. I contact Sleepys and I was told that we would have to do the process all over again with the difference that they don't sent people to inspect them but I would have to do it my self and send them the pictures. Again that's ok.

And so I did. After a few weeks I contact Sleepys and I am told that I am approved again for 700$ so the next day ( not wasting time again) I go to a showroom. I purchase a mattress and have delivered the next day. Upon arrival the delivery guys ( very nice people by the way ) look at the mattress and tell me I am missing a label.

I had the delivery label , brand and everything else except the warranty one. They contact customer service and the most rude women response was take the mattress and leave. No exchange unless I pay an additional 709$ I plead with her on the phone asking why and her response was there is nothing I can do since your missing the label. I ask then how did I get approved 2 times for a credit without that label and her response was sorry that was a mistake.

I said I have every other label except that one and she said it doesn't matter. Meanwhile the driver has the same women on speaker and puts me on hold. She tells the driver try to get out of there ( as if I had them locked in basement as hostages) I called the sales person and she said there is nothing I can do. I see that that is the mattress you purchased from us but I can't prove it.

After looking online I saw the Sleepys has over 3000 reports of the same issues. The manipulate us and lie. Also the tag that was missing was removed by the person they original sent to my home. It's a scam.

The label was removed so they don't give you the credit. Now we are stuck with a very bad condition mattress and scammed for over 700$ so much for the mattress "professionals"

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Sleepys Verified Representative

Hi, we apologize again for your previous experience with us and we're glad to hear that your delivery was successfully made. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we would still like an opportunity to chat and look into this further. You can reach out to us anytime at with additional info!

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