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Several months ago my daughter passed away during a nap with myself and her dad. After this highly unfortunate and traumatic experience, my boyfriend and I decided to get rid of the bed we had because of the awful memory and stress that we had tied to it.

Shortly after we disposed of the bed we became pregnant again with our second child and decided to buy a new mattress and box spring from Sleepys. I am now 5 months pregnant with my second child and stuck with a major bed bug infestation because the sales man failed to state that the mattress we received is a refurbished mattress. At first it seemed odd that a new mattress would creak and make any straining sort of sound but in my grief it was hard to worry about the mattress when I had to worry about getting life back on track, going back to work, and preparing for a new child. As the months went on I was getting bites and finding spots on my sheets but couldn't find anything when I examined our seemingly new mattress.

Finally I called a pest professional who told me the bugs came from inside the mattress and that it was refurbished. I now have to pay hundreds of dollars in extermination fees and worry about the safety of my soon to come newborn.

Sleepys and its workers are a bunch of cheapskates. Do not trust them with any of your bedroom needs because the only needs they are concerned about are the needs of their own.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #907435

I'm in the process of having Sleepys respond to my complaint of bedbugs 30 mlnutes after delivery. They have 5 days to let me know their plan ofaction.

Their costomer service people lie and distort things. Next stop is small claims court.

Good luck to you and myself. Ron

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