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Sleepys should rename their company to Scam-Artists. I purchased a mattress on 9/1/15 over the web. After receiving the mattrress, I found the exact same mattress for $48 less on I remembered seeing Sleepys price match guarantee advertisement on their website and proceeded to call customer service on September 3rd. The agent took down the details of my case and told me she was sending an email to the Price Match team, someone would contact me in about 3 days. During this conversation, I asked the agent if was affiliated with Sleepys (because I found both the websites to look identical) and she let me know MattressDiscounters was a sister website of Sleepys. At the time, I found it very odd that two websites owned by the same company were selling the same mattress for 2 different prices but I was assured by the price match guarantee and didnt mind going through the motions to get my partial refund. After a week of not hearing back, I called customer service again. The agent told me the price match team left me a voicemail (I checked after the phone call, there was no voicemail or missed call), I was told the price match team would not honor the guarantee because they found my mattress advertised on for the same price I paid. I explained again I found the cheaper mattress on, Sleepys sister website. The agent apologized for the mistake in the original claim, told me she would update it, and gave me the same 3 day waiting period. Another week went by, no word from Sleepys. I call Sleepys again, it's now 9/21, the agent sounded very surprised my claim hadn't been dealt with as the first claim was put in on 9/3. She sent the price match department yet another email, gave me a new claim number (01475812), and told me to call back on Thursday if I didnt hear anything. Of course I didn't hear anything from Sleepys. I call back for the 4th time, 9/25, I'm told by the agent that the price match guarantee does NOT apply to online sales and that an email was sent to me (another lie, no email). I bring up the portion of Sleepys website with the price match terms and conditions. No where does it state what the agent is telling me. I explained to the agent I've been calling for over 3 weeks, no one has addressed my claim, the terms and conditions being explained via phone did not match the website, I asked to speak to a supervisior (David). David gave me the same run down. As a very dissatisfied customer I explained 3 things to David....

1. My claim was never addressed after 3+ weeks, during which I was made to believe that the price match team was working on my claim. If my claim wasn't valid, as Sleepy's is stating almost 4 weeks later, why wasn't I told 4 weeks prior? My only assumption to help answer this question is Sleepy's was attempting to make me jump through hoops for a full month, allowing them to skate out of their 30 day refund policy. I'm sure I'm not the only customer questioning a price discrepancy that Sleepy's ran around with 4 weeks, thus exhasuting the consumers right for refund.

2. David stated the terms and conditions of price match guarentee for online sales were included on the invoice sent to my email. I said i received the email but why would i refer to an invoice i received after purchase when the original price match conditions were stated on their website? David then very condescendingly asked if he wanted me to mail another invoice. No buddy, I just told you I had a copy. I checked the email after hanging up with David, he was right...the invoice states no price match guarantee on online sales . How sneaky of Sleepys to advertise one policy and then a different policy on an invoice sent AFTER purchase. Please notice my use of the word "advertise" in my previous sentence. Sleepys advertises their price match guarantee, you do not have to search deep into their website to find it, it' s clearly advertised on the top banner of their website (an advertisement that includes misleading and in correction information).

3. The last point I made to David was Sleepy's sneaky ploy of selling their products on their website for a higher cost than that of their sister website, David's reponse was and the policies on it's website were a "reference point." To be frank, I don't even know what that means.

I hope a member of Sleepy's team sees this message and contacts me with some sort of explaination, any explanation that makes sense of what your supervisior David, your price match team, and numerous customer service agents were not capable of providing.

For anyone on social media that wouldnt take the time to read this long story, just read one sentence....DO NOT PURCHASE from SLEEPYS.COM WITHOUT FIRST CHECKING THEIR CHEAPER, PARTNER WEBSITE MATTRESSDISCOUNTERS.COM. Same website, same company, but almost 25% cheaper.

Or better yet, don't purchase from Sleepys at all. Spend your hard earned cash with a company that doesn't screw their customers.

Sleepys, you should be ashamed at how you treat your loyal customers. False advertising and shady business practice. Shame on you.

Victoria Powers

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of mattress. Sleepys needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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