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I am now going on my THIRD yes my THIRD mattress from Sleepys in a 2 year period. My first mattress was a Sealy which I thought was suppossed to be one of the best as the salesman stated. I had a budget of $1200 and wanted something comfortable for me and my fiance. So we settled on something just under our budget and at first we loved it and then I noticed my sleep was extremely uncomfortable. I could not understand what was happening and shortly after I felt as if I was sleeping in a ditch. It got so bad that we began to sleep vertically (can you imagine how ridiculous) and I finally just couldnt take it anymore and started sleeping on the couch crying every night because I couldnt sleep like a normal person.

I called customer service went through this whole process and had someone come to the house to inspect only to find out that this great wonderful mattress was sagging 1.75 inches on one side and 2 full inches on another side. Understand I knew nothing about mattresses and came to Sleepys hoping that I would be guided into purchasing something that would at least last me 5 years. That did not happen, in fact we were told our mattress was discontinued and to add insult to injury the person we spoke to actually said " I cant believe they sold you this mattress, this mattress is for a kid or a guest bedroom". Wonderful not only was out of a mattress but now I felt like a complete *** for being taken advantage of.

I was issued a credit for a little less than what we paid (was extremely annoyed at that) and we found ourselves BACK AT SLEEPYS last September. This time we said lets get the absolute best mattress we will finance if we have to I never want to relive that nightmare again. So after being educated about this state of the art mattress by Kingsdown, there new Sleep to live My side Mattress was our next purchase. It felt incredible in the store and my main objective was to have sleep not stress. We financed the ROLLYS ROYCE of mattresses (our salesman used that term) and $3500 dollars later (after applying my credit so it was actually over $4000) we purchased it in October of 2011.

Well come January, 3 months later I notice I am having trouble sleeping. Same previous issues but I did not want to believe it. Then I notice the hump in the middle of the bed. Now Im pissed. I call customer service and same procedure as before and guess what??? The mattress is defective...AGAIN We had a sagging of 1.50 on one side and slightly higher on the other. MY $4000 DOLLAR ROLLS ROYCE MATTRESS THE BEST IN THE WORLD WAS NOW SINKING AFTER 7 MONTHS!!!!

I am beyond annoyed. Now I am expected to pick another mattress that will probably sink AGAIN and pay for a delivery charge???? Are you kidding me Sleepys??? You sell me 2 defective mattresses in a 2-3 year time span and I have to pay to have them delivered and taken away? How is that even fair, how is that even normal? Basicly if every mattress I get sinks then I am spending around $300 every year or two just to have them taken out and brought back in....They are making money just off my delivery charges alone not to mention that the mattress they are trying to sell me now is a Simmons Beautyrest Legend which of course is $800 more than my credit. If I pick a cheaper mattress than what my credit is for I am beat for the leftover money....Thats fair??? I think its disgusting that Sleepys treats their customers this way. I swear to god I will never recommend them to anyone. They sell you mattresses that sinks and you end up paying for it and you cant do anything about it except exchange it for another one that sinks. You dont get a refund only a credit so eithier you sleep on the floor or you get a defective mattress....great strategy Sleepys. I will do my future mattress buying from Macys or anyone else not associated with Sleepys and make sure that when MY clients need furniture such as mattresses (because I am a real estate broker) I will never suggest this store. Thank you for a wonderful expierience.

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Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #790881

I have now a 3rd mattress from Sleepys that needs replaced, My Box Springs also have been replaced once. I have asked Sleepys to replace the Mattress and Box Springs made by Sterns and Fosters replaced and do not want to buy that Name brand again due to the repeated issue.

They have come back and said that if i bought another brand, then my warranty will be null and void or you have to buy another box spring which is going to cost me even more. B

Buying the Best mattress as it was recommended by sleepys was what i was doing but the mattresses are just bad. I am very unhappy when this has happened 3 times. All i ask is if you are taking the Mattress, Also take the box springs and give me credit for it.

I am willing to buy another mattress and box spring from them. This is pushing customers to buy more items from the consumers when items that Sleepys is selling is bad. This is really not fair for the consumers when you have an on going issue. And as someone mentioned, no we don't weigh 300 or 400 LBS.

We have maintained and rotated the mattress as per spec. We have replaced the Bed Frames, Mattress pads, Etc. in the same fashion.

I have asked Sleepys to be fair since i will have to get the mattress from them with the box spring and credit me for it. So far answer has been no.

I have bought 3 different sets from them and due to this, i will not go back to them due to their lack of understanding on how their service is. If sleepys is selling a product, they should be held accountable for it along with the manufactures.

I feel for you consumers...

Thank you


Wow that sounds like a comment that the nasty black toothed cigarette smoking mess who lives upstairs from me would say. Before you use the word fat I'd take a look behind you...stalker Wah cry yourself to sleep tonight


I love how people are on this site are complaining about mattress sagging but there is no mention of "I weigh about 400lbs and I bought soft mattress and my fat butt me broke the bed" :cry me a river

to Anonymous Lynbrook, New York, United States #700078

What? I love how people with no intelligence make ignorant and *** comments.

Do you randomly choose websites to display your stupidity or is that a gift? Please do not reply anymore you've embarrassed yourself enough.


Same exact probelm here! Have been through 2 defective mattress and now they want me to pay a delivery charge.

I dont think so!

I can understand if it were for a comfort exchange but having to pay because their merchandise is defective is bull ***!!!!! WIll never go back her agian and will let everyone I know what a horrible experience this has been for us....


I would like to update my situation as I previously posted. I am happy to say that Sleepys contacted me shortly after this posting and was able to resolve my situation.

Not only did they resolve the issue but they made me feel appreciated. Sleepys was genuinely nice and concerned, they truly care about their consumers and were able to prove that to me. Also, my customer service rep even contacted me a few days later to make sure I was completely satisfied and happy with the resolution. They could not have been more accommadating and professional.

I wish I had called customer service a while back, it definetly would have saved me alot of frustration.

I realize that every company can not please EVERYONE but Sleepys definetly makes a huge attempt. Thank you Sleepys for caring about your consumers :)


I would like to say that I was contacted by a sleepys representative shortly after posting this. I was even more upset after posting this since the new mattress I just purchased (less than 2 weeks ago) was also giving me a problem.

Sleepys resolved the matter in a very professional and positive way and I could not be more happier. They really do care about how their customers feel and want nothing more than to make them happy and satisfied.

I wish I had contacted customer service sooner, I probably could have saved myself alot of aggravation and a few sleepless nights. Not every company can please EVERYONE but I will hand it to Sleepys in saying they definetly make a huge attempt to try and make the customer feel very appreciated and most of all were able to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently


MATTRESS.COM Is NOT SLEEPY'S! I have had the same problems with sleepy's.

Their beds are HORRIBLE! I bought a Sealy Posturepedic and They wouldn't honor my warranty because they said I had the wrong box spring for the mattress. It was the same size and brand, just a different "series".

It was sagging over the warranty amount, and it looks lumpy as ***. We spent around $900 for just the mattress.

to kay6587 #761506

Sleepys bought the company.. probably under Harry's name


Dear Lori529,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We would like to turn your experience from negative into a positive one.

Please reach out to our team of specialists with your invoice number or customer code, and include a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you at so we can address the complications you experienced and reach an immediate resolution. We look forward to working with you, and resolving you issue.

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