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We had the same experience as others here. Overpriced. Made to their sub-standard specs. No way to compare with others. Accept the following post as very similar to mine. AVOID SLEEPYS

We've lost all confidence in Sleepy's. We tried their 'diagnostic' bed which was supposed to indicate the best mattress for us. Instead of giving us what we asked for, (we wanted something similar to hotel quality like Hilton, Homewood Suites, or Sheraton), we were pushed to the Miralux. What a piece of ***. It's nothing like what we tried in the store. We had someone come out to inspect the mattress and later received a B.S. call that they found nothing wrong. They call it a 'comfort issue'. We are not heavy people and this mattress makes us feel like we're sliding downhill toward the center into the abyss! The mattress had an original price tag of $2599 (can you imagine this?), but they were selling it for 1700. After changing our minds, the manager from the returns dept.lowered the price to $1000 including tax and delivery. I tell you, this mattress isn't worth even $100. Sleepy's will do nothing to remedy the problem except to sell us another mattress at inflated retail list prices. We are out of luck, our backs are aching and will have to kiss our $1000 goodbye and so, we'll will go to a major, reputable department store to buy a name brand mattress.. No more Sleepy's and no more crapy Miralux for us!. I only wish I had checked online first, to read all the negative feedback on Sleepy's and Miralux mattresses/.

update to above: We went to Nordstrom and purchased the Westin Heavenly Bed!. We've had it about a month and it's like sleeping on a cloud'. We love it so much:. So, my advice to you is, go to a major, reputable department store and buy a major brand|. The chances are much better that you'll get what you paid for?. But for sure, stay away from Sleepy's. 224905c

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Wow - first there isn't any such thing as a "hotel quality" bed . The mattress you bought is made by Simmons. The name is just a name. All you did , essentially is overpay for a Simmons Beautyrest

Second , Miralux IS sold in major department stores.

Third are you saying you were not able to do an exchange at Sleepys?

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