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I went into Sleepys looking for a new bed and the salesman seemed very kind in showing me the Tempur Pedic bed. She asked if she could put my name in the system in case when i come back she would get the commission.

Since she did all the leg work i figured that would be fair enough. After i gave her my info, i get an email saying thank you for your purchase (Nicole in Bridgewater 202 Sleepys). I called their customer service to complain but they offered me a discount which i took some time to consider. After reading all the horrible reviews of this company, i decided against it and proceeded to cancel my order.

The rude gentleman Roy at 516-861-7388 was extremely rude and said it was cancelled and hung up. What kind of *** company is this? I will not pay this invoice and refuse shipment of the bed and never even think of buying a bed from here again.

How is this company still in business? I cannot find one good review.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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The confusion is in the automated system that is part of the point of sale system. If there is no purchase then there is no delivery.

It (automated emails) really should be a generic thank you like "Thanks for visiting Sleepy's is a copy of what we discussed." But this company is still in business because they do very little updates to the systems and save lots of money by not changing many formats.

When the sales person in the store cant close the sale you will have a separate team of people calling you to close it.


Sleepys is unscrupulous. They use high pressure tactics.

They gave us a quote and then called repeatedly for 2 weeks, at dinner time. I got so pissed I told them never call me again or I will file criminal charges for telephone harassment.
Sleepys Verified Representative


Thank you for sharing your concern(s). We would like to speak with you regarding this matter.

Records show an email has been sent to us also. An agent will be contacting you on the contact # that was provided.

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