It's now mid June 2015. As a current employee they have changed the selling game to benefit most of the DMs and the corporate owners.

Understand that this is a private company. There is a lot of apparent favoritism. You will need multiple incomes coming in your household because you cannot rely on this to cover major expenses and rent/mortgage. The training is decent but the reality is worse.

This job promotes severe laziness. You will be told that you will work by yourself once in a while. In reality you work 12 hours alone in 95% of the NYC/Brooklyn/Queens/Staten island/New Jersey locations on a regular basis of you work five days a week. This is a company that changes its policies as often as a baby has its diaper changed.

Upper Management does its best to spin gold thread out of rusty Brillo pads but each policy /commision change does not increase the sales persons pay check. Since it is a draw vs commission pay I was told that draw ($125.) can easily be achieved with in the first sale...but I learned that is not so. Commissions rate is based on tiers [list price vs Sleepys price] Once you go below Sleepys price you are literally paying for the customers mattress/set. What I mean to say is your commission drops.

But the company had been around for years and this haggling process is automatically assumed. In 1975 my parents had a 4 bedroom apartment for $125.00 a month. Today that same apartment might be $3500. a month.

There are individuals that have worked with this company since the mid 70's and 80's ...of they have rent stabilization...then they are great. Everyone one else is forced to haggle to make a sale. One true thing I believe about the products sold...a mattress is not just a mattress...it's the "rest" of your life. Some of the best quality mattresses are from $1200.

And over $2000. But when someone haggled you down in price and you looking at a $8. Commision and you haven't made a sale in three days because you have been placed in one of the slowest stores (and there are many) or there is another Sleepys around the corner, you lose a piece of your soul. You beg management to help you make money and pay your debt and try to earn a positive income by placing you in a store with actual foot traffic.

Now you have lost a bit of dignity. Your an educated individual, your a self motivated individual, you are a people person. But none of that matters of you can't make the sale. None of it matters of you don't see anyone that day.

All that matters is that you didn't make draw and you owe the company another $125. (or $118 if you commision for the day is $8.00) So if you decide to work at Sleepys, have an escape plan. Otherwise try to work at Starbucks or McDonald's. This might be a great job for someone wanting to get basic selling skills.

But you can get the same expierence selling cars with a better commission percentage. This will be a great job of you want to stay away from like the mass amounts of customers at Target. There is no internet access. Most stores are old and cell phone service sucks.

Its against policy to bring a tablet or laptop for entertainment. The online radio choose of music ranges from 1965 to 1989 with some ( very little) 90's ,2k and current.

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