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I purchased a king size mattress from the Sleepy's on Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria on August 23rd, 2014 for $770.11. I explained to the salesman at that time that the most important thing I needed in a mattress was for it not to sag, as I have a pinched sciatic nerve which becomes extremely aggravated when I lie down on a surface that sinks down. He sold us the Carolina Mattress Guild AirGel, assuring us that it would not sag, had good support, and was even the mattress his daughter uses.

Unfortunately, after only three weeks, the mattress was sagging not only when I slept on it, but also when there was no one even in the bed. The permanent body impressions made it very hard to sleep on, causing back pain and aggravating my pinched sciatic nerve. My husband and I switched sides on the mattress regularly and rotated it regularly, hoping to even out the indentations. The indentations only became more pronounced and spread throughout the whole mattress. The mattress is completely unusable at this point, only four months after we bought it, and I now have to sleep on the couch.

I reported this to Sleepy's last week, and they sent me the mattress inspection kit to measure the mattress indentations. Some of them were more than two inches deep, so they agreed to let us exchange the mattress for one of equal or lesser value at their store.

Yesterday, we went to try to find a replacement mattress. It was very important to me that we find a replacement that would not sag as the first mattress did, putting us back in the same situation in a few months. I explained the situation to the salesmen, and they completely gave us the run-around. They were evasive when we asked questions about the mattresses, engaged in obvious sales tactics, changed their "story" and even basic facts about the mattresses. One salesman would tell us one thing about a mattress, and then the other would tell us something different. The salesmen also tried very hard to get us to spend more money than our $770 credit, even though we made it clear we would not be doing that. I got the feeling that the "exchange" policy is used to try to suck even more money out of the consumer, and the salesmen may have sold us a poor-quality mattress the first time, knowing we would be back soon to spend more to upgrade. I left the mattress store without choosing a replacement because I felt completely scammed and misled, and had a strong feeling that the new mattress would be of as poor quality as the first one.

I do not want to give my money to an untrustworthy place that behaves with the sleezy "car salesman" tactics, and refuse to get a replacement mattress from Sleepy's. It was clearly a defective product to have become damaged beyond the point of use within four months. I spoke to three different people at the corporate office today, who all refused to give a refund, saying that the warranty only allows for an exchange. This is not a warranty issue, and the warranty does not even need to be considered or invoked in handling it. It is a case of a retailer selling a faulty product, which would fail after a few months of normal usage.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $770. The author is overall dissatisfied with Sleepys. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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