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My wife and I decided to try out Sleepy's to purchase a mattress and I wanted to share my entire experience with anyone thinking of purchasing a mattress from this company with the Sleepy's jingle "magical price" can really add up. We went into one of their office locations and we were greeted by a "sleep professional" that had us lay on their bed to find out what mattress suited the both of us best. We went with the kingsdown mattress and once we got it home my lower back was killing me and I never had problems with my back before. I also gave it the full 21 days that you get prior to making a "comfort exchange".

We then realized we had to pay 399.99 + tax for them to take the mattress and swap it out. One thing that really interested us was that they say they can't reuse the mattress and they get rid of it. However, on the contract it says it must be free of any burns etc. They also come in and wrap it in nice plastic before they take it out. So we questioned why would they care if they were just going to throw away the mattress. After talking again to 3 reprsentative they told me they actually reuse the parts. I was told about 4 different stories about what they do with it.

Also I was talking to some people who had issues with Sleepy's and the mattresses they have you go through their sleep system are all Kingsdown which happens from what I heard to be the mattresses they make the most profit on. Hmmm interesting.

We then went with a BeautyRest which we both layed on in the store for almost an hour to make sure it felt right. When the mattress got to us we immediatly realized it felt much much firmer than what we know we layed on in the store. The tag on the side of the mattress said somewhat of a different number but the customer service rep who was pretty rude on the phone confirmed it was definatly the same mattress. It was so firm we had to swap it out yet again because we were miserable and still don't feel it was the same mattress. We had to pay another 399.00 + tax to swap it out again and also a little more for the pillowtop we went with.

All in all it was a "total nightmare" that all started with the sleepy's rep saying this was the perfect bed. Even though we realize maybe the first bed was just not right we still feel that customer service and the exchange team did not try to help us with all the costs we incurred and could care less.

The mattress ended up costing in the long run over 4K. Stay away and go with a place you can trust. Stay away from Sleepy's for sure and read other posts on google to confirm issues.

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Most mattress retialers do not re-sell used beds. They charge a fee because of this.

The reason why the mattress has to be free of rips stains tears and burns is because the bedding manufacturers require it. The reason why they wrap the used mattress in plastic is that it can not come in contact with new mattresses on the truck.

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