I just wanted to post this to advise you all of how bad this company tries to rip off its beloved repeat customers. Last evening I stopped into two stores (Sleepy's was one of them) just to browse mattresses in order to get an idea of what's out there. Of course both stores did not know that this was my intention. When I was in Sleepy's talking with the so-called "store manager", he gave me several high-ball prices starting at $3199. These are the prices that they hit you with at the ceiling so they can sweet-talk you by offering a great "deal". Low and behold, when I told the manager that I was essentially just looking around to see what was out there and getting some prices, he turned desperate. As a final attempt before I was about to leave he made this comment after punching several numbers on his computer..."I'll tell you what, since you’re a prior customer of ours, I’m going to do everything I can do to keep your business. I’ll go $100 below my floor price to bring it down to $1900, but I can only offer you this today since it was a slow day and I haven't had a lot of traffic. If you come back tomorrow I can't guarantee I can get you that price again." I politely said thank you as I walked out the door trying to clear my sinuses of his bullsh*t.

Long story short, the next afternoon I went to a third store where I looked at the same mattress. The salesman right off the bat had a great stigma, didn't seem grimy and was looking to educate me rather than sell me...even though I already had the mattress picked out. The kicker? His price was $1600.

With all this being said, let me tell you that I currently work in sales. I understand everyone has to make a living, but there is also built in profit in every product 95% of the time. The difference is how far they are willing to crack you over the head one time, instead of making a smaller profit and cashing in on numerous referrals and repeat business for years to come. Don't waste time haggling with Sleepy's. They try to oversell their in-house warranty, which typically requires an act of god to get them to fulfill it. In most situations you're still out of luck. I purchased my first mattress from them and thought I got a great deal at the time (talked them down $600). I’d never go back, especially after this experience. They'll sell you on their guarantee and warranty, and then will add in the clause that the mattress has to be clean of all stains, rips and tears. This only enables them to sell you an additional mattress protector for a minimum of $50+. Then when the mattress eventually sags, it has to sag a minimum of an 1.25" - 1.75" depending on the mattress. Imagine your mattress is sagging 1.65 inches, which is clearly not normal and will ruin your back. Even then you can't cash in on that warranty although you bought that fancy mattress protector.

You've been warned!!!! STAY CLEAR OF SLEEPY'S. If you must try them out, make sure to do plenty of homework or you'll lose your shirt and will be screwed in the near future!

Review about: Sleepys Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Agree with this accurate experience . Stay away!

Burbank, California, United States #595821

Oh boohoo your SALES person tried to SELL you? Get bent ho.

Bethpage, New York, United States #591551
Sleepys Verified Representative

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We would like to turn your experience from negative into a positive one.

Please reach out to our team of specialists with your invoice number or customer code and include a telephone number with the best time and date to reach you at csable@mattress.com so we can address the complications you experienced. We thank you in advance

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