My husband and I went to a Mattress Discounters store on February 16 (Mattress Discounters is owned by Sleepy's). We had spent 4 years saving for and researching a Tempurpedic bed and were ready to purchase.

We ended up with a King size with a few upgrades and our final bill was over $5,000. When you pay that much money for ANYthing, you should be a customer a company treats with respect. Frankly, it doesn't matter how much you spend, customers should be valued because where would you be without them??? At the in-store appointment, we specifically described our stairs/house and asked the salesperson if there would be a problem getting a king size bed up to the second floor.

He assured us that it would not be a problem and that a Tempurpedic mattress bends "significantly" compared to regular mattresses. We set the delivery date for March 4 and I worked from home and arranged for my mother to pick the kids up from school. It should be noted as well, I am 6 months pregnant. The delivery window was 11-3.

The temperature outside was 45 degrees. Three men arrived around 2 pm to deliver the bed. I put the dog away as instructed, and the bedroom was clear and ready for delivery. We gave our previous bed to my brother and had no place to sleep until our new bed arrived.

The first delivery man walked into the house and looked at our stairs and said, IMMEDIATELY, "The mattress won't fit. It's frozen and won't bend. We'll have to leave it here and come back another day to install it." To say the least, I was speechless. I told him what we had been told at the store.

He maintained he couldn't do anything about it. I asked to speak to his supervisor on the phone. During that time, the two other men came into the house. I was uncomfortable, VERY upset, and outnumbered.

The woman I was given to speak to as their "supervisor" told me the same thing about the "frozen" mattress and I said they haven't even tried to bring it in. She said they could do that, but probably it wouldn't work and we'd have to wait until FRIDAY (two days later) because they didn't have any other deliveries available. I told the men to please try to bring the mattress up the stairs and asked this woman to speak to HER supervisor. After a 10-15 minute hold, during which time the men tried (but not very hard) to bring the mattress up and could not, I was put on the phone with "Jared L" who later identified himself as the "Customer Care Manager" of the entire company.

In fact, later when I told him I would be complaining and sending a complaint, he told me he would be the one reading it so there would be no recourse. The FIRST thing this man said to me on the phone was "Is the mattress frozen?" I am a consumer. I am not a Tempurpedic salesperson, employee, delivery person, or even someone who has slept on it before. I said I didn't know, but that is what they said.

He told me I needed to feel it and see if it bent. So, in front of the THREE strange men in my house who had told me that it was frozen, this "customer care manager" asked me to prove that they were lying. I felt it and it was cold (we bought a mattress with cooling gel/Breeze technology) and it DID bend when I pushed it. I told Jared this.

He then asked me if I would like to give the delivery man permission to try to "force" the mattress up because if it IS frozen it could "break" the mattress and the delivery man/Sleepy's was NOT LIABLE for that. I told him there was no way I could say "Yes" to that request and that was absolutely ridiculous to ask of me, the customer. At this point, the customer care manager, Jared, gave me NO other options, NONE, except a Friday installation during which time a large King mattress would stay in my hallway on the main floor of our small townhouse (reminder, I am pregnant and have two young children) in order to "thaw" the mattress. There would also be no where for me to sleep.

I informed him that this was absolutely not a satisfactory solution to this problem and that I was pregnant and could not sleep on the floor. I asked him SEVERAL questions to which he had no answer. "Are all your other deliveries in Florida? Because otherwise you would have encountered this MANY MANY times before and have solutions." "Why did the salesperson not tell us that this could POSSIBLY happen when we ordered the mattress in February for an early March delivery?

(his answer here was that he would "look into it") "Why did you wait until the END of my delivery window if you knew the mattress was frozen (he had said earlier that it was sitting outside all night after being in the truck so he wasn't surprised it could be frozen) so that they could let it thaw and come back later in the day." (his answer was that this would have been good, but it's too late now. FINALLY, I asked him where I was supposed to sleep and he had no answer. I asked many many many times how he was going to make this right. He continued to say "by delivering on Friday." At one point he asked if I had "anyone who could help me carry the mattress up to the second floor later tonight if they left it." I reminded him AGAIN that I was pregnant.

And had ONE husband. They send THREE young, healthy delivery men to carry that mattress up. How is that even a question he could ask me?? He was UNempathetic, and not creative in any way in thinking of solutions.

Meanwhile, I'm on the phone yelling at this man while three strange men stare at me in my home. This was an AWFUL experience. I took Jared's name and employee number and told him he would hear from us again in terms of social media and the Better Business Bureau complaints because he made it clear to me that he reports directly to the "Executive board" and any complaint would go to his desk and would fall on deaf ears. He said there was no offer of any reimbursement/refund for this experience, and again, was completely unconcerned with how incredibly dissatisfied I was with this awful service.

I had my husband on my phone listening to MY end of the conversation the whole time. The moment I handed back the phone to the delivery man, I told my husband to get on social media and call Sleepy's out for their HORRIBLE customer service. My only recourse is to warn as many other customers to get Tempurpedic mattresses from OTHER RETAILERS. Jared spoke to the delivery man for a few minutes and then....miraculously....the delivery man asked me if I had a hairdryer.

I said "yes" and gave it to him. From then, it took about 10 minutes to "thaw" the mattress with the hairdryer (NEVER DISCUSSED BY ANY OF THESE PEOPLE PRIOR TO THAT POINT) and then they carried it up the stairs, installed the bed and left in a total span of approximately 15 minutes after the conclusion of my horrible conversation with this "customer care manager." So in the end, my only thought is that this delivery team wanted to get to the rest of their deliveries and attempted to take advantage of my being alone, being a woman, being pregnant and were going to just tell me that was how it had to be and get on with their day. Once it was clear I would not be taken advantage of, their plan changed. How did I sleep my first night on the new bed?

NOT WELL. Not the fault of the bed -- but obviously this experience rattled me and I was extremely upset the rest of the day and night.

My only hope is that at least one person reads this and goes SOMEWHERE ELSE for their mattress!!! BEWARE.

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Franklin, Massachusetts, United States #959898

I agree their customer service is TERRIBLE!! I had a similar experience with the delivery men.

Sleepys Verified Representative

Hi my name is Cathy and I am a representative of Sleepys Customer Relations department. We would like to turn your negative experience into a positive one.

Please send your order number and contact information to us at social@mattress.com so we may try and assist you further. We look forward to speaking with you.

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