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My husband and I purchased a new home this past June. On 7/1/15, we went to our local Sleepys to price out a full size mattress for our seven year old daughter, and a kind size set for ourselves.

My husband wanted to make the purchase at a local small mattress company that our families have purchased from for years, but I convinced him to give Sleepys a try. The salesman was really pushing the tempurpedic mattresses, and they seemed comfortable enough. The salesman stated that tempurpedic has a policy that you MUST try out the mattress for 30 days before you are able to return it, and just kept stating how happy we would be, what a great brand tempurpedic is. We had never had a tempurpedic before but were excited to give it a try.

We decided to go with Sleepys financing option. We purchased a regular full sized mattress for our daughter, and the tempurpedic king sized mattress and box springs for ourselves.The pricing for the tempurpedic seemed high for "just" a mattress to me, but like I said, we had always previously purchased just "regular" mattresses so i reasoned that this was a much better quality, and we would be paying it off monthly anyway. When the delivery came two days later, our king sized mattress arrived filthy. I pointed it out to the delivery men, who had just accepted my tip, and one of them stared at me blankly, while the other finally spoke up and said "yeah.

that happens sometimes. they come from the warehouse." I called the store we made the purchase from and explained, and the salesman I got on the phone was great and apologized, put in an order for a new "cover" for me and said it would be shipped to us. We could keep the filthy one, wash it, dispose of it, up to us. (As a sidenote, we never did receive this.) Almost immediately, I did not like the mattress.

It sags in the middle slightly but noticeably enough. I am pretty easy-going, and my husband is more picky, so I was surprised I was so uncomfortable and so unhappy. The mattress is HOT. It feels as if it absorbs body heat all night long.

I am somewhat small, and in good physical shape, and climbing out of bed in the mornings makes me feel like a overweight elderly person. I feel like I have to "climb" out of the mattress. I wake up sore, and just greenly with that feeling of having a terrible nights sleep....every night. After a few weeks of sleeping on it, I mentioned to my husband that I wasn't really happy with the mattress and he looked so relieved and said he wasn't either.

Apparently he has been just as uncomfortable as I have been, but he felt guilty complaining because he had chosen such an expensive mattress. We both remembered the salesman stating the tempurpedic requirement of trying the mattress out for 30 days, so we decided to give it until 8/4/15 to see if we liked it any more before giving Sleepys a call to see what our options would be. The past three nights, my husband has slept on our couch, and I have slept with our daughter on her $300 "regular" full sized mattress. We have both just been THAT uncomfortable.

Clearly, the tempurpedic brand is just not for us. Today, I gave our store a call and explained the situation. I explained that we would like to return the tempurpedic mattress and come in and purchase one that better fits our needs. I was SHOCKED when the salesman looked up our account and said that would be impossible because the mattress we purchased was considered CLEARANCE and they do not take returns on clearance items!

We were not made aware when making our purchase that the mattress was a clearance item! We picked out a mattress, the salesman said he has it for $xxxx amount and we said OK. We were not told that $xxxx was a clearance price. To be honest, I thought the amount we were spending on the mattress (close to $1700) was TOO much, and I would have never guessed that to be a clearance price.

It also makes sense to me now why the mattress was delivered so filthy. The store told me there is nothing they can do, but that I should call 1-800 SLEEPYS and they would be able to help me further. I called them and explained the situation to the rep who answered my call. The rep was basically a robot who just kept repeating their policy of not accepting returns on clearance prices over and over.

I explained that we are not looking to "get something for free" or take any sort of advantage. We would like to return the mattress we are uncomfortable and unhappy with, be refunded the amount we are being charged for it, and come into the store and MAKE A PURCHASE from them for a new mattress that will be more comfortable for us. The description of my item on my Sales Order Invoice states "TEMPER-CLOUD SUPREME KG MAT" - this does not state CLEARANCE anywhere. The rep on the phone explained to me that because next to the STYLE # TPCLSP6/6MAT* there is a * - this * means clearance and because of this * that makes the mattress unreturnable.

I would assume that if Sleepys has a policy of NOT accepting returns on an item that is clearance, they would also have a policy that the customer should be clearly informed of that policy AND that the item they are purchasing IS a clearance item! We were told neither of those things. The Sleepys rep states that because she can't speak for the salesman, nothing can be done. She seemed unwilling to listen to my request, again that we are not trying to get anything for free, but to make a new purchase!

When it became clear that the rep was simply going to keep repeating the written policy, i asked for a manager and she stated that there is no one at 1-800-SLEEPYS who could help me because this is their policy, nothing can be done. She also recommended that I consider trying to SELL MY MATTRESS PRIVATELY. Who does that?! Who would buy a (in this case, very slightly) used mattress?

And even if so, I imagine it wouldn't be for anywhere near what I owe on it. I find this entire situation so unbelievable. We are left with the debt of a mattress we owe close to $1700 on, that is 31 days old. We are not people who usually have problems like this so I am unsure what to do.

Regardless, we need to go purchase a new more comfortable mattress, obviously from somewhere OTHER than Sleepys. I am thinking of contacting the finance company (synchrony) to see if I have any options on their end. I want to begin making payments as we clearly owe for the full size mattress and king boxsprings. I cannot believe that a well-known company such as Sleepys, who sells the Tempurpedic brand, treats their customers this way.

I never normally have complaints about any companies I do business with or make purchases from, and I usually make sure to follow up and write good reviews about exceptional service from companies, big and small, that Ive dealt with. I have never been treated so poorly by any business, especially one as big and well-known as Sleepys. I am hoping I just had the bad chance to get an unknowledgeable representative on the phone, and that this is NOT how the entire company is run.

Word of mouth and good reviews are the best advertising a company can have, and if my situation is not rectified properly and professionally by Sleepys, they will, locally at least, lose a LOT of business. This is a shame.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $1700. The author is overall dissatisfied with Sleepys. The most disappointing about sleepys tempur-pedic king size mattress from Sleepys was misinformed us, terrible customer service and refund policy , but reviewer liked selection. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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