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My wife and I entered the store to casually look and get some information about purchasing a mattress for us. We knew that these places have pushy sales associates and were upfront and honest with the sales associate that approached us that we were not buying that day and we were out for the first time just looking for information.

The sales associate was helpful and informative. He was trying to sell us on a $2800 mattress even though my wife and I liked another set that was a $1000 cheaper. As we were about to leave he wanted to get our information if a deal or special came up he would inform us and if we changed our minds in the next couple of days the purchasing process would be started. As we were at the desk he kept throwing in more perks such as free frame, sheets, pillows, covers, etc... we still kept telling him that we were not ready to purchase and the price was out of our budget.

He informed us of the 0% for 24 months and we sad we were not interested. He insisted that he would check and see if we could just qualify for the financing. We said that we could check after we were assured that it would not affect our credit score and that we were not purchasing anything.

After a couple of minutes he said we are approved. We said good and we will get back to him if we changed our minds about purchasing the mattress. He then informed us that we needed to select a delivery date. My wife and I looked at each other and asked if we just bought this set the sales associate said yes we did, but if we want to cancel we just have to call 1-800-sleepys within 30 days "no harm, no foul." My wife and I were in the store for several minutes informing this associate that we did not authorize a purchase and to cancel the order. He said that he could not do anything about it now and that we had to call the corporate office to cancel.

We left the store fuming mad and returned several minutes that to again address the issue. The associate and manager refused to cancel the order in the store and again refereed us to the 1-800 number "no harm, no foul."

Review about: Sleepys Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

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These people are idiots!


My husband and I were also tricked by a sales associate. He highly recommended a tempurpedic bed to us.

Since I'm pregnant, my husband thought it would be a good idea to get the adjustable bed to help with my reflux and my comfort. We were told we had a 90 trial period for the ENTIRE bed and if we were not satisfied we could return the ENTIRE BED - the only thing we were NOT allowed to return were the 2 pillows and the mattress cover we purchased. Well, we waited the manditory 30 days to try the bed. (We slept on it for 3-5 and it was unbearable for us both.) My husband went to the store and was told he could return only the mattress and that it was clear in the paperwork when we bought the bed.

NO, we were not told that. He skeeze-talked us while my husband was signing papers. I'm disgusted. We called corporate and were told there was no way to override this.

I don't believe that.

How is this 100% customer satisfaction. We were SCAMMED!


Hi , my name is Cathy from Sleepy’s Customer Care. Sleepy’s strives for 100% complete customer satisfaction and appreciates when a consumer takes the time to inform us of how we might improve our organization and better serve our valued customers. We want to maintain your trust and loyalty; therefore, please contact me directly at and reference the customer code on your purchase invoice, so I may provide you with some assistance.


Cathy Sable

Sleepy’s, LLC

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