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We purchased a queen mattress set for $1600 from Sleepy's, a $100 mattress protector, and a $70 metal bed frame. Oh, and they charged us a $100 delivery fee.

All told, we spent $2000, which we now realize was a big mistake. Spending more does not get you better quality with this outfit. Sleepy's rewarded our business by sending two completely unprofessional guys to deliver our mattress to our house. They did not drive a Sleepy's truck or wear Sleepy's shirts, so I have no idea who Sleepy's is contracting with to deliver their products, but their standards must be pretty low.

One of the guys ran upstairs to the bedroom and proceeded to drop, slam, and bang the metal bedframe pieces as he attempted to assemble it, damaging the hardwood floor in the process. The other guy proceeded to drag the box spring then the mattress upstairs by himself. We could not get upstairs to stop the guy slamming the bedframe onto the wood floor, because his buddy was blocking the stairs with the box spring that he couldn't figure out how to maneuver into the bedroom. My husband had to help him figure it out.

After they left, we realized the box spring had a hole in the fabric on its side, presumably from being dragged. We went back to the store to complain to the salesman and requested a refund of the delivery fee for the damage to the floor and a new box spring, because he had repeatedly told us when we were purchasing the items that holes, stains, etc. would void the warranty. He called a regional manager, who was supposed to contact us the next day.

He never contacted us. However, my husband filled out the delivery survey that had been emailed to us, and I believe that is what prompted the transportation manager to call us. He apologized profusely, and agreed to refund the delivery fee, swap out the box spring, and deliver two pillows and a sheet set for our troubles. Fair enough.

That was two days ago. Today, two much more professional guys came to deliver the new box spring. They brought two pillows, but no sheet set. They set up the new box spring, mattress on top.

My husband then inspected the edges for damage and didn't see anything. After they left, we decided to move the bed over a few feet, and when we took the mattress off, we noticed a dent/hole in the wood of the box spring - as if something pushed into it causing a 3" dent. So now we have another damaged box spring, no sheet set, and they have yet to refund the delivery fee. I would have rather kept the one with the hole in the fabric, because now this one has a structural issue.

But this has already caused us inconvenience twice this week, having to leave work early to get home for the delivery, notice a problem, get upset, lodge a complaint, etc. It's exhausting & not worth our time, which I'm sure is what they're hoping - that we will just shut up & go away.

I've now discovered how many complaints there are about this company. PLEASE do your research first & DO NOT give this company your business.

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I want to follow-up on my previous comments. They sent the promised sheet set via UPS, which we received after my previous post.

They also finally credited the shipping fee as promised. So although our original delivery was a bad experience, they have done everything we requested to rectify the situation (although there is a dent in the second box spring - but we have not made an issue out of it to them, so there is nothing they could have done about this).

I just wanted to be fair to the transportation manager who followed up with everything he said he would do and note that the second delivery team was great. The customer service follow-up has been satisfactory after all.

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