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We just moved 7 months ago to the states and as my husband has some pretty bad back issues we knew we will invest in a good and healthy mattress. Everyone around us suggested to go to Sleepys as they have the best choice and a great costumer service. So we found a mattress which was convenient for us, keeping the back straight and spend more than 1000$ for a queen size. The more we were shocked that just after 4 month my husband started to complain about back pain in the morning and looking at the mattress we discovered some deformation. Looking at my side of the bed I had exact the same deformation, just in the middle part of the mattress stayed straight as it was.

So we decided to call the customer service as we couldn't believe that after just 4 months a brand new mattress is already changing its shape! It took Sleepys almost 2 months to send an inspector, as they apparently couldn’t reach us, or last minute canceled our appointment (an hour before). Then finally as the inspector came he checked with his hands the mattress - we didn’t have to say anything, he directly saw (felt) the deformation, took a couple of pictures and left.

Today we called Sleepys to ask how to proceed and we were shocked to hear, that the percentage of the deformation is not enough high to get any warranty YET, which means they asked us to call back in a couple of weeks or months when the deformation is worse so the inspector can recheck if the minimum percentage of deformation is reached?! Now, we complaint that how comes that just after 4 month brand new mattress losses its forms and that this is not part of the 10 years warranty. We were told that this is the policy, which is in our opinion so rude!

We are so disappointed in the mattress we bought and even more in the bad service we got from Sleepys. We feel like they really don’t care about their costumers and that they don’t act according to specific case, such as ours.

We regret having bought the mattress at Sleepys and wouldn't recommended Sleepys to anyone.

Review about: Sleepys Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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