Late 2014 my 3 year tenure at Sleepy's ended abruptly as it does with most Sleepy's employees sooner or later. What it comes down to is that some people are better suited to be thieves than others.

Sleepy's the self proclaimed mattress professionals claim they make the world a better place to sleep". This claim by the way couldn't be further from the truth... Here is a dirty little secret... you be the judge!

At sleepy's all salespeople essentially work on commission and all are and mandated to follow "The Sleepy's Process".

This involves establishing rapport, focusing on sleep, acting as you care, then getting customers to pay as high a price as possible. We were rated based upon highest gross margin and the best liars got the best stores and made the most money. I could sell the same mattress set to one customer at $1299.00 and another customer at $599.00. The process involved getting the customer to the desk and only if necessary make a few "credible drops".

Credible drops range from reaching into the desk and tearing a coupon from large pads in drawers in $25.00, $50.00 or $100.00 denominations depending on what you think will work.. to a fairy tale about "excess inventory" in that style. If after a few drops a customer does not buy "the process" mandates "no one walks". If you can't get customer to buy call a manager or co-worker to come up with another "credible drop".

TWELVE HUNDRED & NINETY NINE vs FIVE HUNDRED & NINETY NINE. The best *** men & liars make the most money. If lying to customers and mandating employees follow this process ,essentially encouraging grand larceny, is making the world a better place to sleep i'd like to know how. The entire process involves lies, deceit and pure evil for the sake of profit at the customers expense.

I encourage anyone to avoid any business dealings with Sleepy's and I am ashamed to have allowed myself to compromise my values during my tenure.

These are dangerous people with a New York mentality and they are professionals when it comes to taking advantage of customers and employees To date they are still allowed to operate however word is getting around fast. Be your own judge.

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Hampstead, North Carolina, United States #970499

What is the remark NEW YORK MENTALITY? It tells me you could use more brain power.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #964674

I'm starting to get really confused reading all these reviews. Sleepys sells Simmons, Serta, Tempurpedic...

If these beds are failing, doesn't that fall on the manufacturer?

I've been comparison shopping in my area and Sleepys has the same beds as other local furniture stores and it seems they have the best prices... As a former employee can you tell me what the difference is between a beauty rest at Sleepys as opposed to another place?

to Anonymous #964764
Sleepys Verified Representative

Good afternoon, we would be happy to assist with your inquiry and help clear up any confusion that you may have regarding product information. If you send your contact information to social@mattress.com, we can have someone reach out to you to provide further assitance.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Somerset, Massachusetts, United States #961920

This place promised white glove service. What at joke!!!!!

I saw them open the back of the truck and there were all mattresses and box springs everywhere and they are stepping on them. Then they bring my mattress and put it on the stairs and mind you it had just snowed and rained and left it there while they put the other mattresses in the other room. I went to make up the bed and found blood on it. I called sleepy's and said the truck is up the street can you call them and have them come back and take this mattress out of here cause it has blood on it and I need it to be replaced, I will put the other mattress on till my new one arrives so I have a place to sleep.

They said NO. We won't have them come back! I am completely disgusted with these people. I have ddd and can not sleep on the couch and they are very aware of that.

Later I looked under the bed and found that my box spring was damaged. The material was torn off probably from him walking all over it. I called and they said we'll get back to you. That was a lie.

I had to call customer service 4-5 times to get anything done. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

I made a very bad choice. Do not buy from these people save your hard earned money.

to Anonymous #964290
Sleepys Verified Representative

We thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience with us. We're sad to hear of the kind of service received and would like to assist in turning this from negative to positive.

Please kindly email your invoice # and/or customer code to csable@mattress.com.

Please provide the best contact number for you as well. We look forward to speaking with you.

Sleepys Verified Representative

Hi. My name is Cathy and I am a representative of Sleepys Customer relations department.

We would like to assist with your issue.

Please send your invoice number and contact information to social@matress.com. We will assign your case to a specialist .who will contact you to further assist you.Thank you

Newark, Delaware, United States #954075

We bought a foam mattress in October 2010, being on bed rest for the second time I wanted a new bed. We were forced to buy a mattress protector in order to not void the warranty.

We have always used the protector, we have washed it according to the package and have not slept on the bed without it. Changing and washing the sheets we noticed black spots and believe it's mold.

Getting the run around now for days, it's not covered, we did not need to purchase the protector at all to ensure the warranty, and we're screwed out of 1000 plus the 200 for the cover.

Never again will be buy a bed from sleepys, all social media will hear, and my husband wants to spend his days off in the parking lot showing all potential customers and turning them away.

Huntersville, North Carolina, United States #935209

Just pulled out of the Sleepys parking lot after reading this review. Thanks for saving me from making a big mistake. I'm taking my business elsewhere!

New York, New York, United States #925906

Bought a bed July 2013. Needed to have an inspection September 2013 because the bed was sagging.

They force you to play the Sleepy's game of waiting to have the bed inspected every 6 months. Then the outside inspection says it's not sagging 'enough' to warrant a return. What a horrible business practice.


They do NOT back the products they sell.

to Anonymous #926698
Sleepys Verified Representative

Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. Utilizing the information provided, we were unable to locate your invoice.

Please email your Order Number and Customer Code to csable@mattress.com. Your account will be assigned to a specialist who will reach out to further discuss this matter.

Melville, New York, United States #919725

Good Evening,

We apologize if you have experienced any complications. We are here to help!

Please email us at csable@mattress.com and provide your Invoice Number or Customer Code along with your telephone number and the best time to reach you. We look forward to speaking with you.

Trenton, New Jersey, United States #919661

We were ripped off by Sleepys and have two more years to pay on a *** mattress.

Avoid this company like the plague.

New Lenox, Illinois, United States #890967

I think salesmen/women do this at most stores so I always shop when well rested and ready for the battle to get their rock bottom price! The above report though is shocking because of the great variance between the highest and lowest expected price to get out of the customer.

Car dealers do the very same thing to their customers. It's not a game I enjoy, but it is the reality of sales/shopping in smaller stores. This doesn't happen at Sears, Carson's, and other large retailers because management doesn't trust sales people to be able to play the price games and most sales clerks are paid hourly, not on commission.

I hope your comment is well read by millions of uninformed shoppers!

Thanks for educating us.


Thanks for your honesty and insight. I'm in the market for a new mattress set.

Actually, after a warranty inspection, the Sealy posturepedic PT mattress I purchased 7 years ago was found "not up to manufacturers standards" so I received a certificate from Sleepy's to replace the mattress with one of equal or greater value. While it should be a simple exchange, after reading a number of posts by former employees of Sleepy's, I expect they'll probably play sales games and try to upsell me. I realize employees in the majority of mattress stores are paid on commission, but I didn't realize that they had discretion to sell the same mattress at essentially whatever price they felt the customer would pay for it, by opting to apply promotional coupons or not.

At this point, I feel better equipped to handle the salesperson. Thanks again.

Bangor, Pennsylvania, United States #888133

I Have Had Issues with Sleepys for many years. It is true that the people work on commission.

They really don't care about you. They have sold me beds that make my back and neck issues worst. It's all about money. I am still in debt and have a bed with many issues.


to Sad and Need Help New Lenox, Illinois, United States #890968

File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You can do it online! They are very successful in gaining customer satisfaction because they rate businesses for all to see.

Germantown, Tennessee, United States #799924

yea the sold me a set for $2646 when I went home and looked on the sleepys site applied a promo code it dropped to $ 1499!!!! I am pissed!!!

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #794635

This is an actual X-employee insiders view of the way Sleepy's does business. No...

all of the 142 pissed consumers who posted here are not crazy. In fact, they are the smart ones and only the tip of the iceberg. It will continue as long as Sleepy's is are allowed to operate or they can no longer afford to stay open. Word is getting around and store traffic reflects this.

My best advise is stay far far away.

to undertrousers Belleville, New Jersey, United States #938875

I too am a Sleepy's victim. Not only did mattress sag after 3 weeks, it's buldging at the sides .

Truly inferior product Box spring was wrapped too.

to undertrousers Durham, North Carolina, United States #964051

But it looks like it like there everywhere. Where then i can buy matresses?

I am at lost.

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