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Wow I wish I had found this page before I purchased a mattress. From what I am reading it appears as though always knock something off the price to make it seem like they are giving you a real "deal", same happened to me.

Originally I went in to look around and got a quote to like the price in. I returned to the store a day or two later to place the order. It was about 10:15 am and I went into the store. There was one woman there who was totally disheveled looking and told me to hang on a minute, and looks at me at goes " Is the store open already?" Really are you kidding me.

So I hand her the quote and tell her I want to make the purchase. This should have been as easy process. The woman couldn't even get logged into her computer to place the order, so she was calling another store. This was getting no where and I had things to do. I took back the quote and said I was going to be near another store and I would stop in there and place the order.

I stopped in the other store, it was pretty simple there. I wasn't sure of the delivery time so I told them to put me down for 4-8 for the moment and if I had to change it I would call back. Well the delivery is free but the removal of your old mattress isn't.

So I had spoken with my parents and my dad would come remove the old one for me and be here when they delivered the new one. To make sure everything was ok plus living alone I'm not comfortable with two strange men coming into my place. So he told me to call and change the time from 8 to 12 for Monday because that was better for him, which I did.

Well it's Monday morning and my dad gets here before 8. Here we are sitting around both with other things to do and its 11:30 and still nothing. I call the store to verify, they still have it down for a 4-8 delivery so I start going off on the guy. His only suggestion he can give me is to call the 1-800 number.

So I do this, get some girl, tell her the story and how pissed that I am. She tells me she can "re-schedule" or do the best that they can to get over there as early as possible. Come to think of it neither of them even apologized.

Well neither of these options are really helping me out. My dad just drove about 45 minutes to be here and we have both been sitting around for almost four hours waiting when we both had other stuff we had to do. I told her I know it's not the drivers fault but I want to know who was working in that showroom and told me that they changed the delivery time when in fact they did not. She just gives me the run around about how people alternate the stores they work in. Yeah that's great, but you still know who was working Saturday evening. Every showroom I was in only had one person working and maybe they have two at max?

The thing is that I think they are used to this. I basically went off on the both of them and they didn't even flinch. Obviously they are used to hearing complaints! Do not buy from Sleepys!

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